Electronics Book Reviews

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General Electronics Books

The Art of Electronics — The most well-known electronics text book. Deep enough for professionals, accessible enough for hobbyists, broad enough for everybody.

Practical Electronics for Inventors — Less broad, less expensive and more accessible than AoE, this book is a good alternative for those who only want to get into electronics deep enough to have a practical understanding of how things work.

Books for Nothin' — Don't want to pay for your electronics texts? Okay, don't! This page collects pointers to several of the best tutorial and reference works available for free on the Web, with some short reviews.

Analog Electronics Books

Op Amps for Everyone — This is the most accessible book on op-amps you will find. Since it's available for download as well as in print, there's no excuse to not have a copy!

Op Amp Applications — A useful second book to have after having read Op Amps for Everyone.

Digital Electronics Books

— Three introductory books on Microchip's PIC microcontroller.

— Reviews of Square 1 Electronics' series of PIC books.

Mathematics for Electronics Books

Basic Mathematics for Electricity and Electronics — If the math in the general electronics books reviewed above is giving you trouble, this book can help you over the hump.

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