Part List

Some of these parts are optional, in the sense that the amplifier will work without them. See the Part Selection Guide for advice on choosing which parts to leave out, if any.

I don’t give resistor part numbers because resistors are more or less generic. You should use 1% or better metal film types, but you can pick any kind you like that will fit the footprint on the board. Some of the resistors have specific requirements, covered in their individual part selection guide entries. As for values, the part selection guide also goes into that. If you don’t want to think about those details, just use the ones on the schematic.

Description Qty ID Digi-Key Newark Mouser
0.47 µF/50 V polypropylene film and foil capacitor 2 C1 P3888
     Alt. capacitor, 0.22 µF/50 V 2 C1 P3880
     Alt. capacitor, 0.1 µF/50 V 2 C1 P3872
     Alt. 1 µF/16 V PPS film cap, 1210 SMT package 2 C1 PCF1132CT
Long-life electrolytic capacitor, radial 2 or 3 C2 See part guide
0.1 µF/50 V ceramic bypass caps, 1206 size 4 C3/C5 399-1249-1 80-C1206C104K5R
3.3 µF 50V+ metalized polyester box cap 2 C4 33C9534 505-MKS23.3/63/5
     Alt. 1.5 µF 63V metalized polyester box cap 2 C4 18C4917 505-MKS21.0/63/5
     Alt. 1.0 µF 63V metalized polyester box cap 2 C4 3019PH 18C4913 505-MKS21.0/63/5
10 pF NP0 ceramic, 0.1" pitch leaded, radial 1 C6G 399-1924 08B5882 80-C320C100J1G
     Alt. 10 pF NP0 ceramic, 1206 SMT 1 or 3 C6 399-1192-1 80-C1206C100J5G
Silicon diode, 50 V 1 A, DO-41 2 D1-D2 1N4001FSCT 625-1N4001-E3
     Alt. S1A silicon diode 2 D1-D2 S1A-FDICT 621-S1AB-F
LMH6321MR SO-8 buffer chips 3 BUF* LMH6321MR 99K2264
Linear regulator, LM317T, TO-220 package, 1.5 A 1 IC1 LM317TFS 58K8936 512-LM317T
     Alt. linear regulator, TO-92 package, 100 mA 1 IC1 LM317LZ 82C8151 512-LM317LZ
Texas Instruments TLE2426CLP (“rail splitter”) 1 IC2 296-1994 88K1249 595-TLE2426CLP
Op-amp OPA637AP, single 2 OPALR OPA637AP 96K4529 595-OPA637AP
Op-amp OPA627AP, single 1 or 3 OPALR/G OPA627AP 04M6519 595-OPA627AP
     Alt. op-amp OPA2132PA, dual 1 OPALR OPA2132PA 61M2752 595-OPA2132PA
Op-amp OPA134PA, single 1 OPAG OPA134PA 24M5437 595-OPA134PA
     Alt. op-amp AD8620ARZ, dual 1 OPALR AD8620ARZ 59K6972
     Alt. op-amp AD8610ARZ, single 1 or 3 OPALR/G AD8610ARZ 59K6941
     Alt. op-amp AD843JNZ, single 1 or 3 OPALR/G AD843JNZ 59K6744
     Alt. op-amp AD823ANZ, dual 1 OPALR AD823ANZ 59K6515
Stereo mini jack (3.5mm), high quality, non-isolated 2 IN/OUT CP5-43502PM
     Alt. stereo mini jack (3.5mm), good quality, non-isolated 2 IN/OUT 96F9608 502-35RAPC4BH3
     Alt. stereo mini jack (3.5mm), good quality, isolated 2 IN/OUT 161-7300-EX
     Alt. stereo mini jack (3.5mm), generic, non-isolated 2 IN/OUT CP1-3513 161-3502
     Alt. input jacks (RCA; black, white and red) 2 IN CP-1412

     Alt. output jack (1/4" stereo), isolated 1 OUT 57F3306 502-N112B
     Alt. output jack (1/4" stereo), isolatable 1 OUT SC1123 502-RN112BPC
     Alt. output jack, 1/4", locking, isolated 1 OUT 46F8572 568-NJ3FP6C
Volume control 1 See part guide
Volume knob (aluminum; black anodized and silver) 1 n/a 226-1041
     Alt. volume knob (aluminum, black anodized and silver) 1 n/a 226-1033
Power indicator LED, red diffused, 1.8V, 1-5 mA, 3mm 1 LED HLMP1700 90F5862 512-HLMP-1700
     Alt. power LED, low current, green diffused 1 LED HLMP1790 87F393 512-HLMP1790
     Alt. power LED, low current, amber/yellow diffused 1 LED HLMP1719 96F2333
     Alt. power indicator LED, clear blue, 4.9V, 2-5 mA, 3mm 1 LED L14006
     Alt. power indicator LED, clear white, 3.6V, 1-5 mA, 3mm 1 LED CMD204UWC
Class-A bias circuit transistor, PNP 1 Q1 2N5087 512-2N5087BU
     Alt. PNP transistor 1 Q1 2N3906BU 512-2N3906BU
     Alt. PNP transistor 1 Q1 PN2907BU 863-PN2907AG
Class-A bias current transistor, NPN, TO-92 3 Q2,Q3L,Q3R 2N5088BU 512-2N5088BU
     Alt. NPN transistor 3 Q2,Q3L,Q3R 2N3904BU 512-2N3904BU
     Alt. NPN transistor 3 Q2,Q3L,Q3R PN2222BU 863-PN2222AG
Cermet multiturn trim pot, Bourns 3296W, 5 kΩ 1 RBIAS 3296W-502 652-3296W-1-502
     Alt. trim pot, Copal CT94EW 1 RBIAS CT94EW502 – 
     Alt. trim pot, Vishay-Spectrol Model 64 1 RBIAS SP064W-5.0K 594-64W502
DIP-8 IC sockets, gold contacts 0-2 n/a ED90032 04M0550 575-11043308
Power switch (mini SPST toggle) 1 SW 13F3970 10TA805
     Alt. power switch (mini SPDT toggle) 1 SW 360-1788 61F1245 612-100-A2311
5.5/2.5 mm DC power jack, metal shell 1 n/a 163-2325-E
     Alt. 5.5/2.5 mm DC power jack, isolated 1 n/a CP-011B –  163-4303-EX
Molex KK male 2-pin 0.1" header 2 S1,WALL WM4200 –  538-22-23-2021
Molex KK female 2-pin shell 2 S1,WALL WM2000 –  538-22-01-3027
Molex KK male 3-pin 0.1" header 1 INPUTS WM4201 –  538-22-23-2031
Molex KK female 3-pin shell 1 INPUTS WM2001 –  538-22-01-3037
Molex KK male 4-pin 0.1" header 1 BATT WM4202 –  538-22-23-2041
Molex KK female 4-pin shell 1 BATT WM2002 –  538-22-01-3047
Molex KK crimp terminals, 30 to 22 ga wire 11 n/a WM1114 –  538-08-50-0114
Power supply (Elpac WM080) 1 n/a 16F126
Enclosure, Serpac H-65-9V
     (black, almond, gray,
     clear blue, clear smoke, clear red, clear green)
1 n/a SRH65-9VB

     Alt. Enclosure, Serpac H-67-9V
          (black, almond, gray)
1 n/a SRH67-9VB


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