META42 Headphone Amplifier

META42 PCB, crossfeed PCB, and assorted parts

What's a META42?

The META42 was the predecessor to the PIMETA. Its main features were:

These pages are being left up mainly for historical reasons, as the META42 is a dead end design and no more of the professional boards I made are available. The Elantec EL200x buffers the boards depended on were discontinued. I did make a new version of the META42 with the Burr-Brown BUF634 buffer; that version does work well, and you can download the design files from this site. I abandoned that line of development because I found that changing the topology to be more like that of the PPA gave even better results. The result is the PIMETA.

Where To Next?

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Building the META42 Amplifier:

Project History and Acknowledgements

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