Electronics Calculators

These calculators are useful when configuring the headphone amplifiers discussed on this site.

You may use power notation for many inputs below: 120K, 1.0M, etc.

Case is ignored in the power notation, so “1m” in a resistor field is interpreted as one megohm, not one milliohm. Yes, I know it isn’t correct SI, but none of these calculators are sensitive to the difference, and I don’t want people getting “wrong” answers just because they used the wrong case. If you absolutely must calcualte using milliohms, you can use decimal form: 0.012 Ω is 12 mΩ.

I Know What Gain I Want. What Resistor Values Do I Need?  

I Know What the Resistor Values Are. What’s the Gain?  

What Will the Output DC Offset Be?  

What Will the Noise Be?  

What is the Overall Resistance of Parallel Resistors?  

What is the Reduction Factor of a Resistor Divider?  

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