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24 check-ins

Fixed missing end of file bug, on 1/192 file writes. Search and replace buffers increased to 16 words each. ^N and ^P now preserve column. Incremental search is terminated by any control character other than ^I, ^F, ^M, ^N, or ^S, and the control char is then executed as an editing command. Leaf check-in: 4c057ca49e user: bsilver tags: trunk
Parameterized the "make pdf" stuff so we can have "e8-manual.pdf" and such when integrating it into the PiDP-8/I project, rather than ambiguous file names like "manual.pdf". check-in: 1c08d374fb user: tangent tags: trunk
Tweaked positions of "text before/after point" text for tighter SVG and better centering. check-in: de3defb7eb user: tangent tags: trunk
Overhaul on graphics/e8-buffer.svg: optimized SVG, removing unused elements, shortening IDs, grouping elements to allow reuse of CSS, promoted inline styling to <style>, etc.; replaced explicit font names with "sans-serif" so it works everywhere; right-aligned arrow labels so font variations don't cause the text to shift about relative to the rest of the image; replaced the "gap" pattern with something a little nicer; made rectangle backgrounds transparent to allow it to blend into the document's background. check-in: e5339e30e2 user: tangent tags: trunk
Moved and renamed the text buffer memory layout SVG in the manual to match file naming conventions and to make the integration with the PiDP-8/I software distro easier. check-in: 0c41ab851e user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed bug in fast scrolling option. check-in: 2360351986 user: bsilver tags: trunk
Wait for TTY to be done printing before exiting to OS/8. Fix two minor errors in the display of ">" for long lines. Fix typo in manual. check-in: 9f1ca1f6b3 user: bsilver tags: trunk
Minor appearance adjustments to the manual. check-in: e8d0050e7e user: bsilver tags: trunk, v9
Improved handling of lines that are too long for the screen width. E8 now marks lines that have invisible characters beyond the end, and shows when the edit cursor is at an invisible position. See the manual for more details. Also, the SCRWD off-by-one bug introduced in version 7 is fixed. ^S added to incremental search to match Emacs, now that I know how to stop it from being intercepted. ^F still works. Screen update is a little faster. Complete reorganization of literals (numeric and links) to optimize use of page 0. The optimization was carried out automatically by a C# program, and saved a nice amount of core on almost all pages. check-in: 8b214cbb62 user: bsilver tags: trunk
Included *.md in e8-dist.zip check-in: d897c3c346 user: tangent tags: trunk
Renamed e8.zip to e8-dist.zip to distinguish it from a Fossil /zip DL. check-in: 35f882f2ea user: tangent tags: trunk
Added a simple Makefile and tools/splitpal, which allows us to generate e8all.pa and e?.pa from the three actual source files. It also includes a top-level "pdf" target for calling tools/mkmanpdf for you, and only conditionally on the MD being newer than the PDF, saving an expensive generation and upload pass if it isn't actually needed. check-in: dcc2e1bc2c user: tangent tags: trunk
Relicensed the code and manual under the SIMH license, per private communication with Bill Silver. check-in: 187e1fea03 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added Markdown version of Bill Silver's original PDF manual and a GPLv3 "COPYING.md" file to document the license of the code to this point, E8v8. check-in: f5bff4a92e user: tangent tags: trunk
Provide commands to scroll the screen one line up (^\) or down (ALT-\), keeping the cursor at the same screen position. check-in: ee02d2e7d6 user: bsilver tags: trunk, v8
Significant release: * Two important bug fixes. One prevents OS/8 from incorrectly believing that the DSK device handler is already in core when E8 requests it be loaded. The other involved incorrect handling of the mark. Both caused a hard crash in certain rare cases. * Much faster screen update. Useful at real PDP-8 speeds, not noticeable on superspeed simulators. * Custom screen and memory size settings are made without editing E8 source. See the manual for details. * E8 responds to escape sequences sent by special keys on modern keyboards. The arrow keys, home, end, page up/down, delete. The manual has more details. check-in: c5134e0ca6 user: bsilver tags: trunk, v7
Removed all dependence on EAE. Changed all cases except one where it was used to non- EAE equivalents; some got a little less elegant, but whatever. The only semi- justified use of EAE was an integer divide, which in this version is done with plain PDP-8 instructions, modeled on the non-EAE divide implementation from DEC that Vincent Slyngstad gave me but not so ugly. I think the final result is cleaner is some ways. check-in: 765e41ba35 user: bsilver tags: trunk, v6
Fixed a memory reference bug and improved several code comments. check-in: 3f3d1bc916 user: bsilver tags: trunk, v5
Added a limited undo feature to recover deleted characters. (See the manual for a description.) Also followed suggestions from Vince and Steve. Note that this version doesn't clear the screen on exit, it just puts the cursor at the last line. check-in: e0bba00839 user: bsilver tags: trunk, v4
Added query-replace. Also switched from the PIP-friendly sharded code organization (E8.PA thru EG.PA) to PAL8 files with code grouped by function, which then gets transformed to a PIP-friendly version and an "all" amalgamation. (The script to do that isn't checked in at this point, because the original version was in C#, and its PiDP-8/I friendly alternative wasn't created until later.) check-in: ed2ce9bb82 user: bsilver tags: trunk, v3
Added five new commands including search for previous search string and forward and back one word. check-in: f4b1eb35ab user: bsilver tags: trunk, v2
Added the ^F option during an incremental search. The code has lots more comments, and the executable is unchanged except for a couple of trivial simplifications. check-in: 94b1049973 user: bsilver tags: trunk, v1
Initial version published to the PiDP-8 mailing list: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/pidp-8/d6edAjHiWWY/8MLYob9_BwAJ In retrospect, calling it "v0". check-in: 1f9d32d836 user: bsilver tags: trunk, v0
initial empty check-in check-in: 098ca93eea user: bsilver tags: trunk