This is a collection of articles, basically items that are too long to put in a single FAQ item. All of these articles are copyright by their author; particulars are at the bottom of each article. NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, WHATSOEVER is attached to these articles.

The Articles

Winsock for the Impatient - by Warren Young

Which I/O Strategy Should I Use? - by Warren Young

How to Use TCP Effectively - by Warren Young

The Lame List - by The Winsock Vendor Community, circa 1997

Debugging TCP/IP - by Warren Young

The Straight Dope on Packet Sniffers - by Warren Young

BSD Sockets Compatibility - by Warren Young

WsControl() Revealed - by Tom Sanfilippo

CSocket Considered Harmful - by Warren Young

Passing Sockets Between Processes - by Warren Young and Frank Schmied

Dealing with Firewalls - by Warren Young

Winsock for Non-Windows Systems - by Warren Young

The History of Winsock - by Warren Young

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