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Ticket UUID: bf69b67373c164fc74ecd2d9419b59fe046170c8
Title: Adjustable ILS brightness curves via configure script flags
Status: Verified Type: Feature Request
Severity: Cosmetic Priority: Medium
Subsystem: front panel Resolution: Open
Last Modified: 2017-10-27 03:26:13
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tangent added on 2017-04-09 22:51:55:

The current ILS brightness curves are hard-coded. It should be possible to adjust this at configure time.

One option would be to do this either after or during the implementation of ticket items like [a58d0a3fd3] and [135d14a0c2], where the current calculations are likely to change anyway, so the new option would allow direct setting of overrides for the new values.

It would be nicer if this new mechanism were abstracted away from the actual implementation details, so that automatic re-configuration with the same option value will give analogous behavior across implementation changes.

For example, you could assign a -5 to +5 scale for brightness change speed, so that ./configure --ils-fade=0 gives the default brightness behavior in any given ILS implementation, with negative values giving slower fading. -5 should be comically slow, useful only for special purposes like blinkenlights demos where you want a lot of blending. +5 should be just barely discernible from NLS mode.

That abstract brightness rate change option should probably allow floating-point input, since at least currently, it would affect existing FP math. It may be that levels -4 and -5 are too apart for a given use case, so that the user might want ./configure --ils-fade=-4.2.