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The new "pidp8i stop" implementation failed on a real PiDP-8/I because scanswitch fails when the simulator's running. Switched to a different method for detecting which simulator executable is running. Leaf check-in: 10339e6b1a user: tangent tags: trunk
Rewrote "pidp8i stop" to send a SIGINT, wait 2 seconds, then SIGKILL to make use of the new savestate mechanism and hopefully close ticket [ce9ea9c96a]. (Checking it in to try on an actual PiDP-8/I next.) If savestate mode is disabled, we skip the first two steps and go straight to SIGKILL: this could lose data, but until SIMH gets proper SIGTERM support, this is the best we can do. check-in: 98a0b0305a user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed a few bugs in the new savestate.script: the ON ERROR handler doesn't help, and Ctrl-E CONT would cause a reboot. check-in: 780af010e3 user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed a pointless "ECHO" from the new boot/savestate.script file. check-in: 4810c085f8 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added the --enable-savestate configuration option, conditionally making use of SIMH's SAVE/RESTORE feature and the new Autosetup @include/@define feature to provide parameterized core/register/device state saving and restoration on simulator restarts. check-in: 555b5e5f8d user: tangent tags: trunk
Added @include and @define features to Autosetup's template file processor. This is being pushed upstream as the template-include branch, but we're checking it in here rather than wait for our PR to be accepted because a) we don't want to wait; and b) it might be rejected, and our subsequent checkin requires this feature to work as it currently does. check-in: 3ea0b1ea99 user: tangent tags: trunk
Updated SIMH again: we need the recent fix to ON ERROR handling. check-in: e5ae989411 user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed something checked into previous: we added $0 to a "chmod -x $(stuff)" line so there was always something to chmod -x if the subshell returned nothing to avoid a complaint from chmod about getting no args, but $0 should always have +x. Changed it to auto.def, something that should never be +x. check-in: 7e0d206df8 user: tangent tags: trunk
Updated Autosetup to tip-of-master (post 0.6.9) in preparation for adding a new feature to it. This changes the syntax for @if expressions, so this checkin includes updates to the two affected boot/*.script files. check-in: 190c00fe14 user: tangent tags: trunk
"make run" now uses scanswitch to detect lack of GPIO, so it runs the simulator as "pdp8" not "pidp8i-sim" when there is no PiDP-8/I panel. check-in: cd3145ad2d user: tangent tags: trunk
More print() fixes, this time for os8-cp. Leaf check-in: e05a907c3f user: tangent tags: os8-run-python3
Fixed a case where pexpect is giving us a byte string, which annoys Python's regex matcher. Explicitly converting it to an ASCII text string. It's basically a null operation, but it makes Python 3 happy. check-in: 560dc8061a user: tangent tags: os8-run-python3
scanswitch was returning -1 on no GPIO, which is 255 on macOS at least, which means the test for "no GPIO" in bin/pid8pi wouldn't get hit properly. Returning 127 as that script expects rather than change the script, since the script has established a kind of contract. check-in: 07be964914 user: tangent tags: trunk
Merged in the tiny trunk differences relative to the SIMH update accidentally checked in on this branch. Now this branch contains only the Python 2-ism fixes relative to trunk. check-in: 18d667556a user: tangent tags: os8-run-python3
Updated SIMH to latest upstream. No functional change relative to prior source base as far as I can tell from the commit history since the last update. check-in: fc1b9bc0e9 user: tangent tags: trunk
Opening class simh log files in binary mode to avoid a problem introduced by an unbelievably screwy change in Python 3 vs 2: check-in: f921ba10f9 user: tangent tags: os8-run-python3
Replaced use of dict.iteritems() with items() check-in: 394ecc357c user: tangent tags: os8-run-python3
First steps to getting os8-run working with Python 3: this is all of the print() calls. (print() is a function in Python 3, not a keyword as in prior versions, so it requires parens around its arguments, always.) This is the start of a new branch because this won't be the only thing needed to get these programs working under Python 3. This is needed on my macOS box because Anaconda Distribution installs Python 3 as "python", which is arguably wrong, but hopefully we can get os8-run and its helper libraries into a state where they run on both versions so this won't matter any more. This checkin *also* accidentally includes a SIMH update, because I was in the middle of the SIMH update and got distracted by fixing the Python 2-isms and accidentally checked the SIMH changes in as well. The SIMH update should have been on trunk only. I'll fix that on this branch a bit down the line. check-in: 05bd569e5e user: tangent tags: os8-run-python3
Updated bosi script to point at the Fossil 2.8 binary for RPi check-in: 5e51328bc2 user: tangent tags: trunk
Cleanup of all-tu56.os8 to perhaps head off some other race condition. There was a v3f td128 that blew out because of a mounted dt device -- a heisenbug, not reproducible. I've carefully limited the attachment of the dt device, and explicitly detached it now. check-in: 993ffbdfd3 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Another simh.os8_send_cmd() header comment rewrite. check-in: f02a71584b user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed a couple of locations where the prompt string passed to simh.os8_send_cmd() wasn't being escaped correctly, potentially leading to a breakage in the caller's state machine. check-in: e8a6d0e354 user: tangent tags: trunk
Increased the default timeout to simh.os8_send_cmd() from 30 to 60 seconds in response to a report from a Raspberry Pi A+ user that the media build process can time out when building with the slow TD8E device. check-in: 614c94da4c user: tangent tags: trunk
Rewrote the simh.os8_send_cmd() function comment for clarity and completeness. check-in: 0043a185db user: tangent tags: trunk
Added explicit license grant to check-in: 5ba94a47d1 user: tangent tags: trunk
Add error detection for LINE TOO LONG IN FILE to Fixes bug f937eb1e32. check-in: 69f9981b49 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added a section on CR+LF handling to the CC8 manual. check-in: c8664e03e3 user: tangent tags: trunk
Several small improvements to the CC8 manual check-in: 3cf04448ad user: tangent tags: trunk
Added documentation for putc() and fputc() in doc/ check-in: 5a0c639bfe user: tangent tags: trunk
Clarity fix check-in: ffce738e78 user: tangent tags: trunk
Merged the cc8-octal-output branch down to trunk. check-in: 96ed492d9f user: tangent tags: trunk
Merged in trunk improvements Closed-Leaf check-in: 9492282084 user: tangent tags: cc8-octal-output
Updated ChangeLog for upcoming release to March, February having passed. check-in: 617783a44d user: tangent tags: trunk
Updated the copyright year to 2019 check-in: 9959db70c3 user: tangent tags: trunk
Checkin [a96f0c5f20] missed a location where the old, incorrect "MQO" operator definition in the OS/8 CC8's code generator wasn't changed to the corrected mnemonic, MQA. Bug reported by Ian Schofield. check-in: 9074f0ba54 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added a named anchor to a document check-in: 97ee3f6977 user: tangent tags: trunk
Fleshed out the discussion of malloc() in the CC8 manual, turning it into a new sub-section, "Fun Trivia: The History of malloc()". check-in: cb743198fd user: tangent tags: cc8-octal-output
Found malloc() in UNIX V7, so added that info to the CC8 manual's poin on "no malloc() in CC8". check-in: 4b64cfdc4c user: tangent tags: cc8-octal-output
Updated ChangeLog check-in: a6371d4cad user: tangent tags: cc8-octal-output
Many improvements to the CC8 user manual. Basically, I began re-reading it from the top, improving it along the way with my new understanding of CC8. check-in: 0316450b57 user: tangent tags: cc8-octal-output
Rewrote the history section at the top of the CC8 manual to give a better arc. check-in: 694c027652 user: tangent tags: cc8-octal-output
Updated the CC8 user manual to cover the new octal output default. check-in: 84f718936e user: tangent tags: cc8-octal-output
Squished the bug that prevents this branch from generating code that runs properly: I overlooked the #defines in libc.h which are treated by the compiler as text, not as C integers, so that integer indices emitted in the generated SABR code for calling into LIBC were in decimal but were then interpreted by SABR as octal. If this gave syntactically correct code, it would call the wrong function for every function past index 7. The fact that we never saw it generate syntactically incorrect code merely reflects the fact that we didn't happen to call any functions that used decimal indexes that have no corresponding octal interpretation, a possibility only 1/5 of the time. (e.g. 29) check-in: d5ab8f91d9 user: tangent tags: cc8-octal-output
Merged the CC8 ABSYM and doc changes from trunk into this branch to reduce pointless differences. check-in: f8a2346503 user: tangent tags: cc8-octal-output
Comment improvement check-in: 4693b7fe41 user: tangent tags: trunk
Reverted the changes to the ABSYM declarations in init.h,, and libc.c, and documented the reason why the declarations in these files do not all match, and why they cannot be packed up into the top of any zero page involving LOADER.SV. check-in: 4dfc549077 user: tangent tags: trunk
Ian smacked me with a clue-bat: there are *several* zero pages, and their usages do not conflict! Fixed several bits in the CC8 user manual that resulting from this confusion. (This also explains why the discrepancies between INIT and LIBC's globals don't matter: they're in different fields!) check-in: 3ae7245274 user: tangent tags: trunk
First pass at making CC8 emit octal in SABR output only, and to convert the decimal constants in the static SABR code within, libc.c, and init.h to octal. This also gets rid of all the DECIM directives, since SABR defaults to OCTAL mode. This is on a branch because the result doesn't yet run correctly, and I'm out of time trying to figure out why. check-in: ce071e8713 user: tangent tags: cc8-octal-output
Found yet a *third* copy of the CC8 ABSYM table! These fixups allow the cross-compiler to produce code that links to LIBC properly. That then highlit some differences in the INIT code between and init.h, the latter of which has both more code and more globals. Mainly fixing this involves packing the new globals up tight against those that init.h shares in common with and libc.c, but also a change to the docs to reduce the space available to the [f]printf() buffer yet again. check-in: 778e8ff4ec user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed indents in CC8 init.h and I've been fighting with these hard tabs all night, and I'm sick of it. They're space indents now, per check-in: e289bdbe25 user: tangent tags: trunk