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Added warnings about GitHub mirror limitations Leaf check-in: f03da5d93e user: tangent tags: trunk
Patches applied, verified, and tested for Combined Kit. Also re-added that got lost in the big rename. TODO: Figure out how to give people a choice between V3D and OCK as their default startup. check-in: 7269a89e64 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Snapshot. Patching OCK. TODO: Fix failures to patch CREF, BRTS, PAL8, BLOAD. Test. check-in: 75aa4b158a user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Moved the patches from a subdir of media to a new top-level patches source directory with subdirectories per Distribution. check-in: 0d66fb8342 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Sorted build scripts into subdirectories. check-in: 33554e1087 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Renamed uni and all its manifestations to ock. check-in: 37f2c27165 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Re-introduced v3d-patched.rk05. Build cc8 and e8 with it. Do not re-patch every time we rebuild cc8 or e8. check-in: 2f2e93f03a user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Careless... Missed last write of the draft doc. check-in: 94da351a5e user: poetnerd tags: trunk
I see that I forgot to add the BASIC UC/LC batch command files. check-in: c64f22e593 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Began reviewing patches for Combined Kit. Found typos in existing patching doc. Fixed them. Found a possible error in how I build FORTRAN IV. Fixed it. check-in: deb9e3d7d6 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Fixed BASIC.UF in Combined Kit. Even though the instructions say all patches were applied, UF.PA was the broken version with incorrect page 0 references. This should be correct going forward. check-in: b41dbe3653 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Saw a typo. Fixed it. check-in: 572119ed70 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
URL fix for previous check-in: c8473a2adb user: tangent tags: trunk
Updated docs on --disable-os8-*, and alphabetized list of same. check-in: c80388e2e1 user: tangent tags: trunk
Corrected a typo of v3d.rk05 table entry. check-in: 7ae64027f3 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Restored table formatting of scripts/, merging in the text changes from the list-formatted version. Prior attempt simply used incorrect Markdown. check-in: c07a3a71fc user: tangent tags: trunk
Integrated LCBAS.BI / UCBAS.BI into uni. It turned out to be pretty easy. The patch was short, and that section of BASIC.PA is the same for both V3D and uni. check-in: f7c9318074 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Whitespace, formatting, and spelling fixes in src/os8/uni/ check-in: 4e9492eb48 user: tangent tags: trunk
Merged E8 integration branch check-in: a63a7bd1d1 user: tangent tags: trunk
Update n8.c to allow for long input lines. Leaf check-in: ce122dc321 user: isysxp tags: Native-Jun-20
Updated E8 with latest fixes from Bill Silver: Missing end of file bug fixed Search and replace buffers expanded to 15 characters from 11 Incremental search now does hot termination: any control character not otherwise recognized terminates the search and is executed as a command (as Emacs does) ^N and ^P now move up and down to the same column, or nearby Closed-Leaf check-in: 24c33bb347 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Recast the documentation of the sundry image creation scripts. Eschew tables because they don't render well. Provide more details on the uni-* scripts. Name the images created. check-in: c5a96e68c1 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Merged in trunk changes, particularly the media/os8/scripts reorg. Moved e8-tu56.os8 into scripts/misc. check-in: e4e6e6b7ef user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Reorganized the os8-run scripts tree, per check-in: fbfd75116e user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed media/etos/etos.txt. The corresponding media files were removed long ago. check-in: 36d420e93e user: tangent tags: trunk
Add ctbl.tx which contains a lits of libc functions. check-in: f29f0c5b88 user: isysxp tags: Native-Jun-20
This is a significant re-write of the native compiler. Numerous additions have been implemented. Missing features from K&R are now only struct/float/function pointers. check-in: cf7e75b64f user: isysxp tags: Native-Jun-20
Did the last step of integration: Put E8.SV on SYS and E8CMDS.TX, E8SRCH.TX on DSK of both v3d.rk05 and uni.rk05. Also fixed a heretofore undiscovered bug in patch_command: When run_patch_file needed to resume to OS/8 context it called resume_command with nonexistent variables. Now we pass in line and script_file so they can be used in the call to resume_command. check-in: b1970fddd0 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Cleaned up the README.TX file a bit. It now mentions the help files. It's not all in capitals any more. check-in: b57641fef7 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Added two 22x72 reference files e8cmds.tx, e8xrch.tx, and updated e8-tu56.os8 to copy them to the tu56 image. knows we depend on them. check-in: 9eed79faa8 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
With the removal of src/e8/ we needed to update and e8-tu56.os8. check-in: b6b476fdb5 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Don't copy the css.pdf to e8.tu56 any more. Adopt newer names for E8 manual. TODO: Fix "Line too long" problem so we can copy the E8 manual in ascii mode. check-in: 7970ecd751 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Better web formatting replacement for prev check-in: 0ef3f51b9a user: tangent tags: e8-integration
URL fix check-in: 47bc55b175 user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Referenced src/e8/ from the top-level version. check-in: baa096a1dd user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Rewrote src/e8/ for clarity and active voice. Added some additional info. check-in: d19939d333 user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Removed src/e8/, being redundant w.r.t. Documented the reason we're apparently stripping the license out. check-in: 3868e6e364 user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Added --e8-screen-{width,height} configuration options and changed the E8 build process to use the generated file. check-in: c09ec25bb7 user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Enabled storage of e8 doc files as images on tu56 image. It wasn't a bug in cpto per se. It was a poorly documented requirement to precede the option with whitespace. TODO: Add the "sacrificial end character" code, because when we put files in as images, the PTR driver DOES lose the last character. check-in: 02b6db5df2 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Merged as much of E8's Makefile stuff into our as makes sense. Basically, only the creation of e8-manual.pdf and the upload to the repo as UV content. check-in: bca79f692b user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Renamed doc/pdf.css to e8-manual-pdf.css to track a change upstream check-in: 267ebd41d8 user: tangent tags: e8-integration
tools/e8-update fails if it isn't run from the top source dir. Without this, it'd either choke on its later assumptions or wreck the tree. check-in: 04eca764cf user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Created tools/e8-update and ran it, updating a few things that have changed upstream since the creation of this branch. check-in: 9dc10a1e2d user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Reorganized the E8 stuff in the tree to conform to existing norms. check-in: e4505fd571 user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Create an e8.tu56 tape image containing the e8 editor. TODO: 1. fix os8-run copyto command so the /I option works. 2. Agree on default E8 setup and create 3. Decide how to distribute the docs under OS/8 check-in: 2817c79165 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Expanded use of os8_ctrl_c appropriately. This should silence race-condition noise on the bsd platform, as well as improve reliability for a wider range of commands run under cdprog and os8 script commands. check-in: 62449ac644 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Improved error reporting from os8_command: I was relying too much on the "print caller string" functionality, when instead I should have been acting on error status and printing good messages. I missed a "re-sync with command prompt" in error handling. Fixed now. The osi_ctrl_c code now looks for ^ that might come from an echo of ^C but does not require it. TODO: Review callers of os8_send_ctrl ("c") for possible conversion to os8_ctrl_c. check-in: 83d6d9ac2d user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Documented [6498933542] in the ChangeLog check-in: 04a5f7c8d9 user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed a serious bug in an undocumented change made in v2019.04.25: the handler for SING_STEP + IF (restart with boot script #IF) changed from just jamming a "DO" command into SCP for the new boot script to re-execing the simulator with the same script name. This ensures a clean simulator, rather than starting the new script atop the old dirty simulator, but there was a flaw: execl() call was missing the trailing NULL sentinel, potentially allowing the kernel to walk off the end of the call stack. This may explain some problems people have had getting their PiDP-8/I to switch OSes via this mechanism. Problem diagnosed by Clang 8 on FreeBSD, of all things. check-in: 6498933542 user: tangent tags: trunk
Adjustments to the pexpect installation advice given from configure check-in: 0a5864182b user: tangent tags: trunk