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The autosetup check for lz4 in the path was failing either way: when the tool is available, it was running it in a way that caused it to return a nonzero status code, failing the check. Leaf check-in: 70d23bbd7d user: tangent tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Renamed test-mkos8 to test-os8-run, since mkos8 is now replaced with os8-run. Also renamed all of the references to it. check-in: 0211633f80 user: tangent tags: os8-v3f-extensions
The top-level Makefile now disables the test-mkos8 target when tools/test-mkos8 can't run due to missing prereqs. check-in: 79a16d5ab5 user: tangent tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Added lz4 prereq to the test-mkos8 autosetup tests check-in: c46ae7cc93 user: tangent tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Added an autosetup test for perl-in-path and whether that Perl can compile tools/test-mkos8. If so, we report success, and if not, we tell the user how to fix it with our new cpanfile. check-in: cc6666ce27 user: tangent tags: os8-v3f-extensions
test-mkos8 is now working with os8-run to successfully create the v3d.rk05 image for comparison checking. Open Questions: 1. Is further refinement needed for the log sanitizizing? 2: Is comparing the binary of the disk image the best test? check-in: 5e4633e246 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Found the problem with running ../../configure in test-mkos8: Needed to add back the line to auto.defs that creates the lib subdir that hosts the options file: if {![file exists "lib/pidp8i"]} { file mkdir "lib/pidp8i" } check-in: 408edf8633 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Snapshot: Trying to get test-mkos8 working. ../../../configure from the test/tmp/<pid> directory blows out with: Error: couldn't open "lib/pidp8i/": no such file or directory check-in: d2986ecfba user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Building without patches was disabled in Check-in [a2454ca487]. However the option was still present in auto.def until now. check-in: 38482c106b user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
A little format cleaning up. check-in: 6389b2a713 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Adding documentation of os8-cp command. check-in: b88e188406 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
I misunderstood how to do mediainstall, and what I had was not installing all of what we made. Fixed now. check-in: d6f48ac376 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Fixes to uniquify resources that might be used in parallel make. Also cosmetics: changed "scratch" name to have "-temp-" in it to make it easier to find and delete if make blows out. Since I was touching the use of the system disk in all-tu56.os8, I cleaned out some dead code and updated as comment. check-in: b2a6c5d89e user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
all-tu56.os8 was copying in DTCOPY.SV and DTFRMT.SV insgtead of TDCOPY.SV and TDFRMT.SV when building for td8e. check-in: 32377aac5c user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
scratch option os8-run mount command now creates a unique temp file. Now parallel makes will not step on each other. check-in: 2f3f1ca884 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Fixed bug in all-tu56.os8: The old code to clean up the system rk05 that was commented out was lacking an "end enabled never", and so it caused the rest of the file to be ignored. This messed up all td12k creations. check-in: 8e309b3872 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Added more debugging output. Line count stack was wrongly managed because Python pop semantics are the opposite of what I thought. So I was removing the first in, not the last in item from there. check-in: 85804b2ac3 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Moved v3f-build.rk05 to the obj directory. Along the way taught os8-cp to do path expansion on names in just like os8-run does. This enabled a simplificaiton and cleanup of because the actions file in .../src/os8/v3f/actions.txt simply says that the destination lives in $obj. Also needed to update to know about obj, as it knows about bin. check-in: bb42538cf0 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Corrected dependencies in light of clearer understanding. mmake now seems to work for me with no redundant builds. check-in: db3b20634b user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Merged in v3f-parallel-make-fix. It behaves the same for me as previous versions, but no sense in forking. check-in: f3b2941356 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
DAMN! Forgot to add the new init file. Sorry! check-in: 78191ab4cd user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Added (and in one case, reordered) some dependencies in the new os8-run based media build system so that all callers to os8-run from the Makefile now declare which media they require to exist before the script will run. Without this change, parallel makes are likely to fail because make is given the freedom to run targets before the things they're dependent upon exist. This is a branch rather than on the os8-v3f-extensions branch directly because I can't test it here against the tip of that branch due to a missing file. Also, it should be checked by Bill Cattey before being merged into that branch. Leaf check-in: 5a84eb18d9 user: tangent tags: v3f-parallel-make-fix
Added and init.tx to the 4 bootable tu56 images. I *think* I understood how to do the dependencies right for the creation. check-in: b17efa3579 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Found another typoed dependency that should have pointed at v3d.rk05, but instead pointed at nothing. check-in: c01b3a17db user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Here's why it's always good to do the occasional fossil clean -n: I see I FORGOT to add the LCSYS.BI and UCSYS.BI files to the tree. Can't do the builds I've got running without them. check-in: 30b1f33839 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Enables all the lowercase option for v3d and v3f tapes and in the 3.script and run-v3f.script scripts. TODO: Enable lowercase for BASIC in v3f. That script isn't qualified, and there's a backlog of patches and validation on BASIC that are needed. check-in: db857bdac1 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Get BATCH working under v3f. This was HARD! Had to chase down source, and the diddling of one magic constant that SHOULD NOT BE as volatile as it was. check-in: aad0aa239c user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Put FORTRAN II and BASIC on the 4 bootable tu56 images unless overridden by "--disable fortran-ii" and/or "--disable basic" check-in: d5d8b023f9 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Additional debugging output, and a correction to the build_subcomm state machine during the BUILD command run within BUILD.SV. There was some duplicate code, and I think I may have spazzed and never properly exited the BUILD command state machine. check-in: 497f79dad6 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Add missing dependency on the v3d.rk05 boot image to the making of v3f. check-in: b17e1072b9 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Further refinement of make run-v3f: Sets dependency independently of what was specified as the default IF=3 OS/8 version. check-in: 464fcf21de user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
The new run-v3f target was depending on one of the two possible TU56 tape images that could be in boot/3.script after configure runs, meaning the dependencies were correct for only one of the two possible cases. This target is now dependent on the same autosetup variable used to create 3.script from, so we're sure to build the correct tape image before starting the simulator. check-in: 8b39a5cb89 user: tangent tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Correct dependency: We need to depend on $(OS8_BOOT_DISK) because that is what we will be running, not the renamed bin disk that had no patches. check-in: b247b928cf user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Merged in trunk fixes check-in: ad9d51ebae user: tangent tags: os8-v3f-extensions
The pidp8i-test program now debounces the switches in scan-switch mode. Without this change, if the contacts bounce rapidly enough for the scanning loop to detect, a builder could be lead to believe their properly-working PiDP-8/I has a problem. Leaf check-in: 9dfb8bdafd user: tangent tags: trunk
Made the size of the global switchstatus array explicit, so we can do sizeof sanity checks on it in programs. check-in: e9ec92de08 user: tangent tags: trunk
The recent addition of NetBSD support to tools/corecount accidentally included a change to the shebang line necessary for NetBSD but incorrect for Linux, which this project primarily targets. Changed it back to /bin/bash, lest we take a new dependency on ksh everywhere. check-in: 8065f647a8 user: tangent tags: trunk
Whitespace fix check-in: 2607fa1a71 user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed media/os8/os8.tu56 and the references to it now that 3.script uses the new os8-run-built tape images. check-in: d34787b405 user: tangent tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Merged a few of the differences between the new boot/ file and the preexisting run/ file into the latter. check-in: 47c6ab8349 user: tangent tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Added "run-v3f" Makefile target, its "runf" alias, and the boot/ file those targets use. check-in: 06aef989e3 user: tangent tags: os8-v3f-extensions
The copy in of the v3f source files to the buld rk05 image was too quiet for too long. I enabled -v on the os8cp call for better status reporting. check-in: 39d8b6137a user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Remove superfluous dependency: v3d tapes don't care about v3f stuff. check-in: dadf27bae9 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Add dependencies on the sources in .../src/os8/v3f. Now if we touch one we will rebuild the V3F bits and pieces. check-in: ab959da8be user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Fix 30 year old bug: Build V7A should report its PROPER version. check-in: f691c6840c user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Two new config options that control what kind of .tu56 image gets booted with the IF=3 option: --boot-tape-config={tc08 | td12k} with default of tc08 --boot-tape-version={v3d | v3f} with default of v3d. check-in: 4ed46aa217 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Pulled up trunk deltas into my branch. Everything tests out fine. check-in: 2ba40f1138 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Updated with more of what's in this directory. check-in: cde2b80fc0 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Quick and dirty description of the scripts in this directory. check-in: 97cf611b8c user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions
Something I should have done long ago: If we're going to re-configure sys, then we should use a scratch copy. all-tu56.os8 now does that for the td12k builds. It doesn't need to do that for the tc08 builds so it doesn't bother. Also changed the filename of the scratch to use "-copy" in the name instead of "_copy" aligning with filename conventions. check-in: f67db97d71 user: poetnerd tags: os8-v3f-extensions