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50 most recent check-ins

Moved a link for better locality. Leaf check-in: daf8e4403c user: tangent tags: trunk
Added "Simplifying Boot and Login" section to the top-level file. check-in: f7c4a027ba user: tangent tags: trunk
Added named anchors to several more sections in, and moved them to the end of the header so they a) don't harm readability in text form as much; and b) link you to the actual header line, not to a prior empty paragraph. check-in: fee8b21e16 user: tangent tags: trunk
Moved the sshd config instructions into doc/, since primarily covers the build-from-source option, where the step isn't actually necessary. Since we've given out links to this section of multiple times on the mailing list, kept a forwarding link to it in case someone follows one of those links. check-in: 5bc5a272b9 user: tangent tags: trunk
Tightened up the top-level file some more. check-in: 4befb5ef3c user: tangent tags: trunk
Assorted updates to the top-level, mainly to track changes since the last release. check-in: c21b97be5f user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed the message prompting for the installation of pyyaml on configure. check-in: 76d2c7abee user: tangent tags: trunk
Added libbcm_host stuff for Deeper Thought check-in: b9eb3c36f2 user: tangent tags: trunk
os8script class document is complete. The demo program is moved to its permanent location. check-in: 77a525a884 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Changed os8script.check_and_run to have an optional replies arg. Fleshed out and commented the demo program. Cleaned up document. TODO: 1. move the demo to its permanent home. 2. Write the documentation to point to it. 3. The proofreading, grammar, etc. check-in: 25dc789408 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Created a demo program for the os8script class. Along the way I realized that the housekeeping was needlessly complex, and should be added to the os8script class. By way of a test I moved cleanup code from os8-progtest to os8script. The class document has moved forward but is still not ready. The example needs to be cleaned up, and the appropriate smoothings of best practices need to be documented: 1. The recommended os8.check_and_run method assumes you're running the command decoder, and needs to be taught about the arrays of responses. Otherwise: 2. The use of the response arrays requires calling os8.simh.os8_cmd to run commands. The use of send_string, send_command, and os8_cmd is not orthogonal, and isn't using the respnse arrays where it could. check-in: 23d51abbd5 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Snapshot. Almost, but not quite done. TODO: 1. Finish the narrative on how to write a complete program. 2. Confirm all the links work. 3. Completeness, style, and grammar check. check-in: 0a1d0ed404 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added mention of ocomp. Added links to README files. Under OCK, now link to the doc. check-in: 3af5c9428d user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Moved the testing theory and methods from doc/ to a new file, doc/ check-in: 5bcfb770a0 user: tangent tags: trunk
"make test" now depends on "all" check-in: 4b8d41ed9e user: tangent tags: trunk
Update with packaging and testing status updates. check-in: 0ef418b9ce user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Documented testing regime, including the layers of the system, the existence proof of working lower layers, and the use of os8-progtest and make test. check-in: 116f6dba66 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Add documentation of the --exitfirst option and the work-around for long output. check-in: 0c003f5ef9 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
I found a way to kick the basic games tests when they stall: Send a newline, and then cope with extra newlines in output. check-in: d2feb4a20c user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added 'make test'. auto.def looks for tests for the packages it builds. Makefile runs them. Along the way I learned that tests with lots of output like basic-games:snoopy and basic-games:bunny sometimes randomly hang up. It looks like pexpect is returning a partial read on the output. I've experimented with the maxread argument to pexpect spawn, and with pausing for a second between tests. But the tests are still flaky. For this snapshot I've got them commented out of basic-games.yml while I ponder reponses. Also fixed a mistake I made in -x option: I wasn't calling clean_quit to exit and so I was leaving temp files. check-in: f212194966 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Add --exitfirst, -x to exit with -1 status on FIRST failure. This will be useful when we want to run all tests but blow out if one fails. Let's blow out on the first failure. check-in: a8991d9a8a user: poetnerd tags: trunk
os8-run manages context. We do not need resume. It was commented out of dist-rk05.os8. Deleted now. It is now deleted from src-rk05.os8. This may rid us of a race condition where we're doing resume but don't need to. check-in: e92c4bb634 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added a test harness for basic-games. It runs HELLO.BA, SNOOPY.BA, and BUNNY.BA. More tests can be added. check-in: f15facae14 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Snapshot. Starting to organize into a logical sequence of presentation. TODO: 1. Work through more API calls. 2. Decide how to present the match tables. check-in: f1dd4ef410 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Another snapshot of Still brainstorming content. check-in: bcefc61e95 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Snapshot of In course of documenting, figured out a one character change to the initialization that elimintates nade for fakeout_script. So I did it. check-in: 20b6b2476b user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Found another rename needed to follow convention. dcp writeup. check-in: 4654cb8a4a user: poetnerd tags: trunk
I spazzed and didn't follow the naming convention. Remaned new os8script class doc to contain a dash instead of an underscore. check-in: dc2c5dc5c3 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
A few Markdown fixes in the new os8-progtest doc check-in: f0513f19c8 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added whitespace to the ADVENT test, since we're using it as an example. check-in: ef57a63a2f user: tangent tags: trunk
Edit pass on the os8-progtest doc. check-in: 7528959167 user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed apt package name for pyyaml in GH-CI. check-in: fc48b818df user: tangent tags: trunk
Forgot the license info in Fixed now. check-in: 09ac12b129 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
I must have gotten confused with the merge of trunk. I thought I moved the tests to scripts/os8-progtest/. Now they're moved for real. Next step in production: shift os8-progtest to so we parameterize the Python version. check-in: b5df9631af user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Further cleanup to make os8-progtest ready for production use: 1. Change failure to print failure and continue on to other tests. 2. Correct comments about escape characters. 3. Move the test .yml files from tools/testing to scripts/os8-progtest. 4. Add a --srcdir option, and properly expand the path for finding the test files. 5. Document usage of the program and creation of the state machine files in doc/ check-in: 11b7f30c67 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added pyyaml prereq to the GitHub CI workflow check-in: bf53ce3e08 user: tangent tags: trunk
Converted the tests for Python modules in auto.def to a loop over the module names, then added pyyaml to that list. check-in: 41c08ee670 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added ability to process multiple tests on command. Removed superfluous "program" item in test files. Added test of fib to cc8. check-in: 7d40ec51ed user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added a "config" parameter, and if config contains "slow" then wait .05 seconds between sending each character. This enables interaction with uwfocal without overrunning keyboard buffer. This structure can be expanded... check-in: ed4d5840ec user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Converted os8-progtest to use files. Bit the bullet and used YAML. YAML is now a prereq. (I have not yet added the prereq code to auto.def.) check-in: b37034d41d user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Eliminate redundant line of verbose output. check-in: 4ebe4ee822 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added testing for chekmo. Improved output on test failure. Further cleanup on exit. check-in: c5184fcbbc user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Add comments to give clues to proper reply strings. check-in: 14ed9296d3 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Needed to remove the temp file created for the boot device. check-in: a090dfb35b user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Program test harness. Will validate advent, cc8, and uwfocal. Note: uwfocal is fragile. It EASILY gets its input buffer overrun. check-in: cd63546a8a user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Fixed a missing backtick and a typo. Should fix the rendering of the last couple pages of this doc. check-in: e11923f83d user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Early snapshot. Beginnings of a document of the API. Probably begin with a paste-in of the comments from the code. Currently consists of a reminder how I open coded the OCOMP command state machine. check-in: 452f1a6dba user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Since we can print the File not found error, we should be able to print the user error output similarly. check-in: 1472e398b9 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
code cleanup: Pulled common test and run code from ocomp, pal8 and os8 commands into a single method. This also fixes that pal8 and ocomp tested for simh context too late to be useful Eliminated redundant testing of results. Taught ocomp how to report WHICH file is not found (using code from pal8_command I'd forgotton I had.) Note that there STILL seems to be a race condition in the os8 command with regards to ^C out of some commands. I tried to chase it down but have not yet found it. check-in: aeb9b2026e user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Small change: Make the replies a dictionary parameterized by command name so that we can be more table driven. check-in: 66a76695bb user: poetnerd tags: trunk