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158 check-ins using file doc/ version 9fe63e83cc

Added notes on defects found in YAHTZE.BA. Leaf check-in: 416088d7ea user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Add more debug output to os8-progtest Refine basic-games.yml because a race condition broke it on M2 Macs. I think this refinement will be definitive. Fingers crossed. check-in: c124f7a6e7 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Correct attribution of SIMH hack to Kyle Owen check-in: 6019a1e1a7 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Markdown formatting fix check-in: b56241f7d7 user: tangent tags: trunk
Installing os8-cp after os8-run in "make install" check-in: 6beed7df47 user: tangent tags: trunk
Grammar tweak check-in: 0ef5a18707 user: tangent tags: trunk
Typo fix check-in: ef142cdc8e user: tangent tags: trunk
Updated SIMH to get Rick Murphy's FPP bug fix. check-in: b74012df75 user: tangent tags: trunk
Small tweak to "clone" language in the contributing guide check-in: 96307b81e3 user: tangent tags: trunk
Merged changes in Leaf check-in: 6c073bdde3 user: tangent tags: cycle-realistic
Fixed an obvious bug in the new material added to src/pidp8i/ check-in: 8689b4ae5c user: tangent tags: cycle-realistic
Merged cycle-accurate branch tips together. check-in: f5d7f8b691 user: tangent tags: cycle-realistic
Typographic tweak check-in: ef267a71d2 user: tangent tags: trunk
Simplified the tail end of "Getting Started with Fossil" now that the 1.x versus 2.x crisis point is years in the past. check-in: 82951c6a5a user: tangent tags: trunk
Rewrote the list of starting points in the "Getting Started with Fossil" section of the contribution guide. check-in: 4a054cc15d user: tangent tags: trunk
Here is the cycle-realistic version. For some reason, Fossil is not picking up some changes to pidp8i.h as well. This is needed in pidp8i.h: typedef enum { pft_stopped, /* the cpu is not running */ pft_running, /* the cpu is running */ pft_go, /* the cpu is (re-) starting from being stopped */ pft_exit /* exit(ing) SIMH */ } pidp8i_flow_t; check-in: 03fb9d8dc5 user: stevet tags: cycle-realistic
First apparently working version of the cycle-realistic PiDP-8/I. This makes the Sing Step switch on the PiDP-8/I front panel behave the same as on a real -8 (subject to a minor risk that MA and MB may not be 100% correct in all major states). See the thread "New, experimental, (hopefully) cycle-realistic version of the PiDP-8/I" in the user group for more information about how to use it. check-in: 241d799d53 user: stevet tags: cycle-realistic
Create new branch named "cycle-realistic" check-in: 53974b1c29 user: stevet tags: cycle-realistic
Calling udevadm from the "make install-system" target via a relative path since the upstream OSes keep moving it about. It's been found in /sbin, /bin and /usr/bin! check-in: 870c65f831 user: tangent tags: trunk
First version of fixes. "Why are the ILS equations now not symmetrical excepting the scaling factor?" "Extremely low throttle values cause blinky display" Perhaps also "ILS brightness takes seconds to settle at low throttle values" In the initial test version I deliberately exaggerated the rise and decay delays just so that people testing this are convinced this is really still doing a "lamp" simulation. Perhaps one should make those settings user configurable anyway. Still to do: fix some code indentation, check if there are comments that are no longer describing the current code, check if the timing of the switch management is still ok. Leaf check-in: 44e6476477 user: HBEggenstein tags: led-update-fixes
Begin branch to fix some LED update issues: -prevent excessive undersampling of the LED states especially with high (unthrottled) instructions-per-second rates -speed up the ILS thread by reducing the number of GPIO switching -fix a bug in the calculation of the target brightness when the number of sampled instructions is rel. low (say < 100) -improve double buffering of LED "display" : swap displays only when updates were made (helps with extremly aggressive throttling) check-in: febe31baea user: HBEggenstein tags: led-update-fixes
Begin branch to fix some issues related to the LED panel display Leaf check-in: 556e1a6952 user: HBEggenstein tags: bogus, led-fixes
in order to check whether a deposit is made to nonexistent memory, the memory size need to be passed now in the handle_flow_control_switches function. Now the code even compiles.. Leaf check-in: 01aa183fda user: HBEggenstein tags: fix-dep-exam-ignore-if
Begin branch with fix for bug : "Deposit and Exam limited to first 4096 words" check-in: ccf47d95d4 user: HBEggenstein tags: fix-dep-exam-ignore-if
I2CB: build process, documentation improvements As this feature is still experimental and to allow the continuous integration to build the simh executable without th installed dependencies (libi2cd), the I2CB device logic is not included in the build by default for now, but configure offers the --i2c-bridge option to enable it, provided the libi2cd lib and header file can be found. Leaf check-in: 36a77478e0 user: HBEggenstein tags: i2c-bridge-device
I2CB: reformatted source code, added some documentation, changed (C) remark as per Warren Young's feedback check-in: 3a58bc038e user: HBEggenstein tags: i2c-bridge-device
Restored a space present in an upstream SIMH file to prevent a pointless merge conflict. check-in: fab3f7655b user: tangent tags: i2c-bridge-device
Began a new ChangeLog entry with this branch's contribution as its first entry. check-in: bf5d1b8113 user: tangent tags: i2c-bridge-device
Removed the "PiDP add" and "PiDP end" comments. Those markers are only for injections into upstream files; this one's new. check-in: 151d16011d user: tangent tags: i2c-bridge-device
I2CB device: first mostly functional version. check-in: 11736019ce user: HBEggenstein tags: i2c-bridge-device
work in progress. minor tweaks but seems to compile and have basic device configuration working now, except attach/detach logic and flawed association between I2C addr and dev no check-in: 6b2c49bf4c user: HBEggenstein tags: i2c-bridge-device
Work in progress The association of dev no and I2C address per unit need more work check-in: d3432d4092 user: HBEggenstein tags: i2c-bridge-device
Initial commit to start a branch exploring the idea of having a generic SIMH device that will forward IOT instructions for configurable PDP-8 devices so they can be implemented on external hardware, typically a microcontroller connected to the host via I2C. This could be used for rapid prototyping of either historical device emulation or emulating custom I/O logic. check-in: fbcfafaf43 user: HBEggenstein tags: i2c-bridge-device
Merged trunk changes in check-in: a9eb4a4733 user: tangent tags: pi4-gpio-clean
Dropped the ETOS matter from, and clarified the blanket licensing info for the rest of the DEC software. check-in: d80d302db1 user: tangent tags: trunk
Changed the way "bosi prepare" handles sshd first start to use a Raspberry Pi specific mechanism that [ | reportedly regenerates the shredded keys]. check-in: 02c35e52bf user: tangent tags: trunk
Updated to the latest SIMH to fix a problem with TSS/8 booting. It seems they updated some of the device handling since the Feb 3 update we did just prior to the current stable release. check-in: f02ebe72df user: tangent tags: trunk
Tweaks to the U/W FOCAL manual supplement's section on getting program text in, following with the wiki edit to the more generic "Getting Text In" doc. check-in: 19b97405ed user: tangent tags: trunk
Added a patch to the build of U/W FOCAL. It puts code that clears EAE Mode B (and copes appropriately with other PDP-8 Family members that don't have EAE Mode B) into a block of initialization code reserved for "CLEAR ANNOYING FLAGS". This should resolve bug 025575a170. check-in: 9f44dd87b8 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Adjustments to the build advice in the readme to track the changes made to "bosi build". check-in: 218401a205 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added missing ;; in one of the case statements in bosi check-in: 247961207f user: tangent tags: trunk
Small tweaks to the release process doc. check-in: d28caab153 user: tangent tags: trunk
Reworked the logic in the new "bosi build nls" code so it copies any missing images from UV, rather than blindly copy all of them only when the first one is missing. This lets you re-run the script later, relying on it to fill in the gaps before starting on the expensive parts of the build. check-in: 5ec88693ac user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed a misplaced curly brace in previous check-in: 59e778933e user: tangent tags: trunk
Added the "nls" parameter to "bosi build" so the single-core build can share the images synced as unversioned content up to the public server rather than need to rebuild them. This also clones the images down as part of the repo for the first time, so the user has a more complete clone of the repo. check-in: 3d933f656d user: tangent tags: trunk
Moved the Python 3 library stuff back up in bosi from "build" to "init" step again after the "sudo make install" step failed, since that may need to run one of the class simh or class os8script Python programs that depend on one of these as root. Using platform binary packages rather than pip3 user packages. check-in: 3a02a9163b user: tangent tags: trunk
Moved the pip3 install command down from "bosi init" into "bosi build" so it's run as the pidp8i user, not as root. It does us no good to have the Python libraries installed for use by root! check-in: e4a27760c4 user: tangent tags: trunk
Moved the 8GB image size requirement up after reflecting on the prior change. check-in: 9cac6262d6 user: tangent tags: trunk
The "bosi shrink" process roached the SD card, and I can't be bothered to figure out why. It's a minor optimization, not worth spending the time on, given that you have to go out of your way to find something smaller than 8GB and end up paying about as much for it when you do find one. I'm therefore betting that almost no one is actually trying to use a 4GB card, the only thing smaller that could possibly work, since even with the shrink, the finished image wouldn't fit on a 2GB card. check-in: d79a842547 user: tangent tags: trunk
Swapped commands in "sudo time" constructs in bosi so we use the calling shell's builtin version instead of /usr/bin/time, since at least on macOS, the builtin's output is clearer. Tweaked the prior commands to ensure that we don't count the time taken while sudo is blocking waiting for a psssword input against the time taken by the elevated command. check-in: 1ef732c32c user: tangent tags: trunk
Comment tweak check-in: 4a67ec5806 user: tangent tags: trunk
Documented need for prior commit's change in the release process doc. check-in: fba31778b0 user: tangent tags: trunk
Updated "stretch" to "buster" in tools/bosi check-in: f0461538d2 user: tangent tags: trunk
Had to reorder and update some of the steps in "bosi prepare" to make it work on the current Rasperry Pi OS version. check-in: aeac6fa347 user: tangent tags: trunk
More tweaks to the BOSI process. check-in: 356fc7e331 user: tangent tags: trunk
Upped minimum SD card requirement from 2GB to 8GB after "bosi init" failed with an out-of-space message on the "apt upgrade" step, even after removing the biggest disk hogs we can most do without. The Foundation recommends 8GB, so we now do, too. check-in: 0136f1193f user: tangent tags: trunk
URL fix check-in: be28caef24 user: tangent tags: trunk
Released v20210214 check-in: fad938bcb7 user: tangent tags: trunk
Reworked the way the Python missing module detection stuff works so it generates the proper module names on Debian Buster. Dropped recommendation of easy_install (semi-obsolete) and rewrote the advice it emits to be a bit clearer. check-in: 76133aacd0 user: tangent tags: trunk
Mentioned class-os8script doc. Took credit for some stuff. check-in: 3bd3ff0759 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Update of ChangeLog to accurately report the fix to UCSYS.BI. check-in: 4e30777357 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
"file link" doesn't exist in Jim Tcl, so the new symlink recreation stuff doesn't work when configured without "real" tclsh available. check-in: 1eb3e88ec3 user: tangent tags: trunk
tools/autosetup-update now removes the contents of autosetup/* before doing its work so we track upstream deletions properly. This results in a lot of files being deleted, but it looks like it's a result of files being merged, rather than removal of functionality. The configure script appears to run still... check-in: 2dbb85383b user: tangent tags: trunk
Fix for c23c91bdd. Futil was matching on the size of the file being edited. Now the regex that skips over the file has been refined. check-in: e96b7f3637 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Year fix in ChangeLog: it's 2021 now, really! check-in: 77a8cc35a2 user: tangent tags: trunk
Merged SIMH updates down to trunk. check-in: 5dedd3ca5d user: tangent tags: trunk
Cherrypicked the last two changes on the bogus file-renaming branch down to trunk. check-in: 25d04173ec user: tangent tags: trunk
Redo of [e0af34dd55] atop fixed parent. check-in: a38bb07eca user: tangent tags: trunk
Retry commit [ccb4c54bb2], without the inadvertent reversion of the Advent filename case folding fixes. check-in: d02c0ede5a user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed the last remaining symlinks, being those for CC8's init.h and libc.h files, which CC8 always looks for in the CWD, yet which need to exist in 3 different places. Creating symlinks for the other two at configure time so we no longer need those making checkouts to "fossil set allow-symlnks 1" to avoid screwiness. Closed-Leaf check-in: 3fcbc85340 user: tangent tags: file-renaming
Added tools/ to INFILES in so clean builds and such work properly. (Probably harmless, but no point letting that list drift from the corresponding on in auto.def.) check-in: 8197e6123d user: tangent tags: file-renaming
Renamed the old .agignore files to .ignore. (This is why we couldn't commit them to the repo at the same time as previous: does Fossil remove before rename, or vice versa?) check-in: e0af34dd55 user: tangent tags: file-renaming
Removed the .ignore symlnks. (Purposefully separate from next step, so there isn't a naming conflict.) check-in: ccb4c54bb2 user: tangent tags: file-renaming
Merged trunk in Leaf check-in: d022dae222 user: tangent tags: simh-update
Re-lowercased src/advent/* (excepting check-in: 5bab882cd4 user: tangent tags: simh-update
Updated the Fossil instructions in the contribution guide to track recent upstream changes. check-in: a15213d710 user: tangent tags: trunk
Merged trunk changes in check-in: 0748329823 user: tangent tags: simh-update
Several cleanups to the "make clean" target: removing bin/*.rk05 generically rather than a long list of explicit names, so we always remove everything we built; removed several redundant TU56 entries since we were already removing bin/*.tu56 for the same reason; and removed a few generated files from the repo so they don't show up as MISSING after a "make clean". If these latter aren't being regenerated properly after being removed, that's a reconfig issue, not a reason to check the last generated version in. check-in: 44ace29ebe user: tangent tags: trunk
Lowercased all the file names in pspec/advent.pspec to match their new case in the repo. Without this, the build only succeeds on systems with case-insensitive filesystems like macOS, and then only with the default FS options. check-in: c425495e2c user: tangent tags: trunk
The simh-update tool could put diffs for non-managed files into the patch, which would complicate patch application. This is especially problematic in bisecting, since it increases the "footprint" of the patch needlessly, increasing the risk of bad merges on switching versions in place. check-in: 7e2e92698e user: tangent tags: simh-update
Merged trunk changes in so I can run simh-bisect on the branch. check-in: 98b3c85a50 user: tangent tags: simh-update
New tool: simh-bisect, a companion to simh-update for bisecting upstream SIMH changes against our local PiDP-8/I patches. check-in: 0a19e8889c user: tangent tags: trunk
New SIMH had extra whitespace in attach output. One place in os8script was not robust about that. Fixed now. check-in: 40717103a9 user: poetnerd tags: simh-update
Sync advent sources from new upstream at Source names are in lower case. There are a couple typos fixed: advent.dc and getwrd.ra. There is a script, but it appears incompatible with the version of BATCH we have. There is also a script, but it's also probably out of sync with reality. check-in: 1d9cb9aa3e user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Updated Autosetup to 0.7.0+ check-in: 5d15b9ec74 user: tangent tags: simh-update
Updated ChangeLog for the imminent release check-in: 600a9459a8 user: tangent tags: simh-update
New release policy: point at the release branch for released version file and directory links, using trunk only for the prerelease version notes. check-in: c5b5ced48b user: tangent tags: simh-update
Updated SIMH to GH commit 2f66e74c506420959d2591ffd1700a9b58d59f28. EDIT: Moved to the simh-update branch since it breaks clean builds. (Worked fine prior to commit due to preexisting RK05 and TU56 media that didn't get rebuilt as part of testing.) check-in: e3aba3706e user: tangent tags: simh-update
MIME type fix for previous check-in: efb452f916 user: tangent tags: trunk
URL fix in previous check-in: b39d87f092 user: tangent tags: trunk
Markdown improvements to the Adventure dir's readme check-in: ffe6313b33 user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed a problem with LOAD_ADD + EXAM interactions due to use of IR instead of MB register in the tail end of the PDP-8 CPU instruction decoding loop. We use IR instead high up in the loop for an early display update, but that's because MB isn't settled yet. Without this, you can get bogus MB displays, per bug [7ae7a73744c9c0], which this closes. check-in: 709bc3a7f6 user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed a Markdown rendering problem. (Unwanted line break in literal text.) check-in: b91714a2ed user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed build of basic-games.tu56. Wasn't supposed to install the file. The blow-out was benign on Mac build, but kicked out other files on the Pi build. It should have been fixed like this long ago. TODO: Figure out why the state machine in os8-cp couldn't recover as easily in the pi build. check-in: bfbf64133a user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Moved a link for better locality. check-in: daf8e4403c user: tangent tags: trunk
Added "Simplifying Boot and Login" section to the top-level file. check-in: f7c4a027ba user: tangent tags: trunk
Added named anchors to several more sections in, and moved them to the end of the header so they a) don't harm readability in text form as much; and b) link you to the actual header line, not to a prior empty paragraph. check-in: fee8b21e16 user: tangent tags: trunk
Moved the sshd config instructions into doc/, since primarily covers the build-from-source option, where the step isn't actually necessary. Since we've given out links to this section of multiple times on the mailing list, kept a forwarding link to it in case someone follows one of those links. check-in: 5bc5a272b9 user: tangent tags: trunk
Tightened up the top-level file some more. check-in: 4befb5ef3c user: tangent tags: trunk
Assorted updates to the top-level, mainly to track changes since the last release. check-in: c21b97be5f user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed the message prompting for the installation of pyyaml on configure. check-in: 76d2c7abee user: tangent tags: trunk
Added libbcm_host stuff for Deeper Thought check-in: b9eb3c36f2 user: tangent tags: trunk
os8script class document is complete. The demo program is moved to its permanent location. check-in: 77a525a884 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Changed os8script.check_and_run to have an optional replies arg. Fleshed out and commented the demo program. Cleaned up document. TODO: 1. move the demo to its permanent home. 2. Write the documentation to point to it. 3. The proofreading, grammar, etc. check-in: 25dc789408 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Created a demo program for the os8script class. Along the way I realized that the housekeeping was needlessly complex, and should be added to the os8script class. By way of a test I moved cleanup code from os8-progtest to os8script. The class document has moved forward but is still not ready. The example needs to be cleaned up, and the appropriate smoothings of best practices need to be documented: 1. The recommended os8.check_and_run method assumes you're running the command decoder, and needs to be taught about the arrays of responses. Otherwise: 2. The use of the response arrays requires calling os8.simh.os8_cmd to run commands. The use of send_string, send_command, and os8_cmd is not orthogonal, and isn't using the respnse arrays where it could. check-in: 23d51abbd5 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Snapshot. Almost, but not quite done. TODO: 1. Finish the narrative on how to write a complete program. 2. Confirm all the links work. 3. Completeness, style, and grammar check. check-in: 0a1d0ed404 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added mention of ocomp. Added links to README files. Under OCK, now link to the doc. check-in: 3af5c9428d user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Moved the testing theory and methods from doc/ to a new file, doc/ check-in: 5bcfb770a0 user: tangent tags: trunk
"make test" now depends on "all" check-in: 4b8d41ed9e user: tangent tags: trunk
Update with packaging and testing status updates. check-in: 0ef418b9ce user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Documented testing regime, including the layers of the system, the existence proof of working lower layers, and the use of os8-progtest and make test. check-in: 116f6dba66 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Add documentation of the --exitfirst option and the work-around for long output. check-in: 0c003f5ef9 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
I found a way to kick the basic games tests when they stall: Send a newline, and then cope with extra newlines in output. check-in: d2feb4a20c user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added 'make test'. auto.def looks for tests for the packages it builds. Makefile runs them. Along the way I learned that tests with lots of output like basic-games:snoopy and basic-games:bunny sometimes randomly hang up. It looks like pexpect is returning a partial read on the output. I've experimented with the maxread argument to pexpect spawn, and with pausing for a second between tests. But the tests are still flaky. For this snapshot I've got them commented out of basic-games.yml while I ponder reponses. Also fixed a mistake I made in -x option: I wasn't calling clean_quit to exit and so I was leaving temp files. check-in: f212194966 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Add --exitfirst, -x to exit with -1 status on FIRST failure. This will be useful when we want to run all tests but blow out if one fails. Let's blow out on the first failure. check-in: a8991d9a8a user: poetnerd tags: trunk
os8-run manages context. We do not need resume. It was commented out of dist-rk05.os8. Deleted now. It is now deleted from src-rk05.os8. This may rid us of a race condition where we're doing resume but don't need to. check-in: e92c4bb634 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added a test harness for basic-games. It runs HELLO.BA, SNOOPY.BA, and BUNNY.BA. More tests can be added. check-in: f15facae14 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Snapshot. Starting to organize into a logical sequence of presentation. TODO: 1. Work through more API calls. 2. Decide how to present the match tables. check-in: f1dd4ef410 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Another snapshot of Still brainstorming content. check-in: bcefc61e95 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Snapshot of In course of documenting, figured out a one character change to the initialization that elimintates nade for fakeout_script. So I did it. check-in: 20b6b2476b user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Found another rename needed to follow convention. dcp writeup. check-in: 4654cb8a4a user: poetnerd tags: trunk
I spazzed and didn't follow the naming convention. Remaned new os8script class doc to contain a dash instead of an underscore. check-in: dc2c5dc5c3 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
A few Markdown fixes in the new os8-progtest doc check-in: f0513f19c8 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added whitespace to the ADVENT test, since we're using it as an example. check-in: ef57a63a2f user: tangent tags: trunk
Edit pass on the os8-progtest doc. check-in: 7528959167 user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed apt package name for pyyaml in GH-CI. check-in: fc48b818df user: tangent tags: trunk
Forgot the license info in Fixed now. check-in: 09ac12b129 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
I must have gotten confused with the merge of trunk. I thought I moved the tests to scripts/os8-progtest/. Now they're moved for real. Next step in production: shift os8-progtest to so we parameterize the Python version. check-in: b5df9631af user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Further cleanup to make os8-progtest ready for production use: 1. Change failure to print failure and continue on to other tests. 2. Correct comments about escape characters. 3. Move the test .yml files from tools/testing to scripts/os8-progtest. 4. Add a --srcdir option, and properly expand the path for finding the test files. 5. Document usage of the program and creation of the state machine files in doc/ check-in: 11b7f30c67 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added pyyaml prereq to the GitHub CI workflow check-in: bf53ce3e08 user: tangent tags: trunk
Converted the tests for Python modules in auto.def to a loop over the module names, then added pyyaml to that list. check-in: 41c08ee670 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added ability to process multiple tests on command. Removed superfluous "program" item in test files. Added test of fib to cc8. check-in: 7d40ec51ed user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added a "config" parameter, and if config contains "slow" then wait .05 seconds between sending each character. This enables interaction with uwfocal without overrunning keyboard buffer. This structure can be expanded... check-in: ed4d5840ec user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Converted os8-progtest to use files. Bit the bullet and used YAML. YAML is now a prereq. (I have not yet added the prereq code to auto.def.) check-in: b37034d41d user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Eliminate redundant line of verbose output. check-in: 4ebe4ee822 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added testing for chekmo. Improved output on test failure. Further cleanup on exit. check-in: c5184fcbbc user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Add comments to give clues to proper reply strings. check-in: 14ed9296d3 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Needed to remove the temp file created for the boot device. check-in: a090dfb35b user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Program test harness. Will validate advent, cc8, and uwfocal. Note: uwfocal is fragile. It EASILY gets its input buffer overrun. check-in: cd63546a8a user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Fixed a missing backtick and a typo. Should fix the rendering of the last couple pages of this doc. check-in: e11923f83d user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Early snapshot. Beginnings of a document of the API. Probably begin with a paste-in of the comments from the code. Currently consists of a reminder how I open coded the OCOMP command state machine. check-in: 452f1a6dba user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Since we can print the File not found error, we should be able to print the user error output similarly. check-in: 1472e398b9 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
code cleanup: Pulled common test and run code from ocomp, pal8 and os8 commands into a single method. This also fixes that pal8 and ocomp tested for simh context too late to be useful Eliminated redundant testing of results. Taught ocomp how to report WHICH file is not found (using code from pal8_command I'd forgotton I had.) Note that there STILL seems to be a race condition in the os8 command with regards to ^C out of some commands. I tried to chase it down but have not yet found it. check-in: aeb9b2026e user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Small change: Make the replies a dictionary parameterized by command name so that we can be more table driven. check-in: 66a76695bb user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Converted the inventory to an HTML table without all the cross-page links to other content. I copied this version into the Wiki. TODO: Pick ONE of these either the Wiki or the as canon. check-in: dea2133077 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Actual fix for previous: I misunderstood what the grandparent commit was trying to accomplish. check-in: 4280bbc50d user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed a backslash problem in the Markdown for the ASCII table in check-in: 70127af4ad user: tangent tags: trunk
Attempt to compensate for problem in Appendix I on the backtick. The <code></code> blocks screw up the table. Let's delete them for now. check-in: 68f6e49bd2 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Improved os8pkg verify command. Uses new `ocomp` os8-run command. Documentation is updated for both tools. Test script for the ocomp command. Fixed a bug I introduced when I changed the os8script API: Need to pass in the script_path for error reporting. Oops. check-in: 5910fa4e4c user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Snapshot: Initial crude verify command. Runs OCOMP on the outputs and prints results. TODO: Teach os8pkg and os8script how to interpret the "NO OUTPUT" result as "success" and "File not found" as failure so the user doesn't have to make interpretation. check-in: 50d0971000 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
API change: Allow us to run a script on an in-memory file created with Python io library. check-in: 5eba589cde user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Keep the creator for ocomp.tu56 as a test script. check-in: f954eba078 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Integrate the OCOMP Octal Compare and Dump tool into the DIST packs so that os8pkg can use it for verification. check-in: 543326f0a9 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
cc8 package needed updating to include the new ctbl.tx driver table. This fixes [ac71d98abf1c]. check-in: fb220f4ad2 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
I see that I broke install when I re-arranged the code. Fixed now. check-in: d1a1219a0f user: poetnerd tags: trunk
With re-arrangement of basic and basic-games packages, v3d-patched no longer has HELLO.BA. But we don't need it in a default basic. check-in: 7005ea8350 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
More "hacker" reference replacement check-in: 2319bd5fae user: tangent tags: trunk
Replaced embedded doc references to with, so clicks don't have to go through the HTTP redirect. check-in: 64c9b68d74 user: tangent tags: trunk