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50 most recent check-ins that include changes to files matching 'media/os8/*'

Merged trunk changes for v20210214 into release branch check-in: 1fa1be1425 user: tangent tags: release, v20210214
Redo of [e0af34dd55] atop fixed parent. check-in: a38bb07eca user: tangent tags: trunk
Retry commit [ccb4c54bb2], without the inadvertent reversion of the Advent filename case folding fixes. check-in: d02c0ede5a user: tangent tags: trunk
Renamed the old .agignore files to .ignore. (This is why we couldn't commit them to the repo at the same time as previous: does Fossil remove before rename, or vice versa?) check-in: e0af34dd55 user: tangent tags: file-renaming
Removed the .ignore symlnks. (Purposefully separate from next step, so there isn't a naming conflict.) check-in: ccb4c54bb2 user: tangent tags: file-renaming
Redesign of how packages are managed. New tool os8pkg with a different approach allowing command-line based install and uninstall of packages in a way compatable with the previous config setups. check-in: d96fac26dc user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Removed uwfocal-4e-[12].tu56 binary blobs. Switched to managing uwfocal in src/uwfocal, controlled by scripts/pspec/uwfocal.papec. We build UWF16K.BN and UWF16K.SV. We copy more documentation in now. There is other stuff we could build. But that is for another day. check-in: a421a7ee91 user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Binary blob, local.tu56, and all its usage, and mention in docs has been removed because everything that was in it has been spun out to source-tree based implementations. check-in: 82a7a25b1c user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Forgot to delete the music binary blob. check-in: 41a9d4b2c8 user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Converted focal69 from binary blob focal69.tu56 to build from source managed by os8pkg. TODO: Recover the source to the 4WORD overlay using the same techniques that were used by me in 2017 to recover the source of the 8K overlay. check-in: eb765f95d4 user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Moved kermit from binary blob media/os8/subsys/k12.tu56 as option k12 to kermit-12 build from source under control of kermit-12.pspec as option kermit-12. TODO: Find someone who can test out this kermit. It's a bit different from what we've had in the past. check-in: 60a72125bd user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Remove media/os8/subsys/ba.tu56 binary blob. Instead use os8pkg to manage the basic games src/basic-games. Change name of subsystem for configuration from "ba" to "basic-games". Makes use of the "build" construct in os8pkg to use an os8-cp command instead of requiring creation of scripts/misc/basic-games.os8 whose sole purpose would be to populate a distribution .tu56 image. The is taken from the "Demos in BASIC" wiki page. check-in: aecf5a7244 user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Remove cc8.tu56 from media/os8/subsys/ We have built from source for some time. check-in: fd93e4c5ed user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Remove media/os8/subsys/advent.tu56 binary blob and the reference to it in the file. We build from source now. check-in: 9e17527bde user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Moved the patches from a subdir of media to a new top-level patches source directory with subdirectories per Distribution. check-in: 0d66fb8342 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Renamed uni and all its manifestations to ock. check-in: 37f2c27165 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Merged in trunk changes, particularly the media/os8/scripts reorg. Moved e8-tu56.os8 into scripts/misc. check-in: e4e6e6b7ef user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Reorganized the os8-run scripts tree, per check-in: fbfd75116e user: tangent tags: trunk
Did the last step of integration: Put E8.SV on SYS and E8CMDS.TX, E8SRCH.TX on DSK of both v3d.rk05 and uni.rk05. Also fixed a heretofore undiscovered bug in patch_command: When run_patch_file needed to resume to OS/8 context it called resume_command with nonexistent variables. Now we pass in line and script_file so they can be used in the call to resume_command. check-in: b1970fddd0 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Added two 22x72 reference files e8cmds.tx, e8xrch.tx, and updated e8-tu56.os8 to copy them to the tu56 image. knows we depend on them. check-in: 9eed79faa8 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
With the removal of src/e8/ we needed to update and e8-tu56.os8. check-in: b6b476fdb5 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Don't copy the css.pdf to e8.tu56 any more. Adopt newer names for E8 manual. TODO: Fix "Line too long" problem so we can copy the E8 manual in ascii mode. check-in: 7970ecd751 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Added --e8-screen-{width,height} configuration options and changed the E8 build process to use the generated file. check-in: c09ec25bb7 user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Enabled storage of e8 doc files as images on tu56 image. It wasn't a bug in cpto per se. It was a poorly documented requirement to precede the option with whitespace. TODO: Add the "sacrificial end character" code, because when we put files in as images, the PTR driver DOES lose the last character. check-in: 02b6db5df2 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Reorganized the E8 stuff in the tree to conform to existing norms. check-in: e4505fd571 user: tangent tags: e8-integration
Create an e8.tu56 tape image containing the e8 editor. TODO: 1. fix os8-run copyto command so the /I option works. 2. Agree on default E8 setup and create 3. Decide how to distribute the docs under OS/8 check-in: 2817c79165 user: poetnerd tags: e8-integration
Fixed missing files in uni: BASIC: EABRTS.BN, RESEQ.BA. FORTRAN II: GENIOX.SB. Required pulling RESEQ.BA in from a master DECtabe binary image, because it wasn't in source. The standard way to buld EABRTS.BN is to use TTY: as a PAL8 input file, and to type "EAE=1". Instead I added EAEDEF.PA and build with it. check-in: 87cbc11ba5 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Merged the May 2020 version of CC8 into trunk. check-in: 5d861a9fee user: tangent tags: trunk
Merged trunk changes into pi4-gpio-clean. Leaf check-in: 4d51e218ef user: tangent tags: pi4-gpio-clean
Brought in changes to test-os8-run and v3d-rk05.os8 to make testing quiet. Closed-Leaf check-in: 1edc07b3ab user: poetnerd tags: flip-expect
Remove debugging DIR command from uni-fiv-build.os8 check-in: 4f072e96ec user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Merge of development work for OS/8 Combined Kit build from source. check-in: 15eca39699 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Sigh. Another file forgotten to add. Our uni file. Closed-Leaf check-in: de7fc4dcc1 user: poetnerd tags: os8-uni
v3d-rk05.os8 needed to perform SQUISH as absolute last step. Updates to test-os8-run to sanitize temp file names that would otherwise be unique across builds. Now a set of 10 random tests between trunk and flip-expect all come up green. check-in: a2ffdcf544 user: poetnerd tags: trunk, good-exam-1
Cleanup of os8-cmp. Cleaner control flow. Also moved squish to last action in v3d-rk05.os8. It needs to be LAST. check-in: c90df560e1 user: poetnerd tags: os8-uni
To get the C compiler, while avoid a bootstrap problem if uni became the boot disk, and to prepare for adding patches, I've created a uni-rk05.os8 script. Now to boot the unified kit, you boot bin/uni.rk05 TODO: There are a couple missing bits: EABRTS.BN, GENIOX.SB, RESEQ.BA I gotta find out why. uni-dist-rk05.os8 has been updated to copy in CUSPS I left out. check-in: 86ef40af7a user: poetnerd tags: os8-uni
uni-dist.rk05 now has its own init.tx: All known bugs are closed. bin/uni-dist.rk05 is ready for testing. check-in: febafb29c1 user: poetnerd tags: os8-uni
Merge in fixes from flip-expect It's unclear to me why so many deltas came from the merge. check-in: f616e49102 user: poetnerd tags: os8-uni
Check in our test harness that enabled us to find the immediate past bugs. check-in: 84fcd162f7 user: poetnerd tags: flip-expect
Got LCSYS.BI and UCSYS.BI working under uni. In the process found and fixed long standing bug with V3F UCSYS.BI: Page zero literal moved. Noticed it when porting LCSYS.BI to v3f but didn't fix it for UCSYS.BI. check-in: e57763e4b3 user: poetnerd tags: os8-uni
Merged in trunk changes check-in: fd3012405b user: tangent tags: cc8-2020-05
Silly little mistake: Mist copying in BCOMP.SV so BASIC wouldn't run. It works now. check-in: 6961ee4910 user: poetnerd tags: os8-uni
Builds a Unified Combined Kit bootable RK05 the same way it builds the v3d-dist.rk05 image. It boots, and has the right handlers (I think). Issues: LCSYS.BI isn't working. There are still places where the cdprog state machine in os8-run can get confused on error conditions. But we've got a complete first draft of "Build OS/8 combined kit from source." check-in: 4ffe4ea3d5 user: poetnerd tags: os8-uni
Generates FORTRAN IV Object rk05 image. I had to change the syntax of FORLIB.BI because what was there was bad syntax. Command lines do not begin with open curly braket. TODO: Put this stuff onto an image and see if it boots. check-in: 019eecff7d user: poetnerd tags: os8-uni
The BASIC and FORTRAN II rk05 object image is now built. The Core Control Block values match what is in SYS: TODO: Put these onto a system disk and test them. check-in: 476cfa0ca6 user: poetnerd tags: os8-uni
Merge in new os8-run and libraries from flip-expect branch. This should fix the problems we encountered building FORTRAN IV libraries. check-in: 2daeb79342 user: poetnerd tags: os8-uni
Added Ian's new examples to cc8.tu56 for copying to the OS/8 RK05 disk if the CC8 compiler is selected at configuration time. check-in: c295baab6e user: tangent tags: cc8-2020-05
Fixed benign but long-standing bug in all-tu56.os8: There was a DT mount/umount in the td8e sections. Because the relevant .tu56 image was already mount it was just an error that showed up in the logs. check-in: d14aa78ca1 user: poetnerd tags: flip-expect
Added new version of pal8 command: Quits trying to analyze the PAL8 command line. Just passes it. We report errors now, so we can be more liberal in ingest. TODO: Remove old code. Document removal of limitations. check-in: a69c492982 user: poetnerd tags: flip-expect
Shifted resume's work into Documented current behavior of resume. Changed approach to outputting what the "os8" command gets: Instead of conditionalizing on self.verbose, I added an enablement keyword "transcript", and documented its operation in Now I'm exploring if we can simply get rid of the pal8 command. Along the way, I discovered how the os8 command could fall out of sync if it encountered an error. This code remedies that, I think, but needs more testing. check-in: 68296b70c5 user: poetnerd tags: flip-expect