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50 check-ins occurring around 57ccbf54aafe552e.

Fixed a documentation bug (./configure --lowercase=none is actually =pass) and did a clarity pass on the surrounding text while in there. check-in: 87616c6220 user: tangent tags: trunk
Small fixes to previous for the non-Pi case. check-in: b40c2f5f83 user: tangent tags: trunk
Calling bcm_host_get_peripheral_address() in from libraspberrypi-dev instead of the hard-coded version we had before, which was apparently copied from old versions of the Pi developer docs. Now following the current advice: Doing this in the hopes that it fixes the compatibility problem with the Pi 4, but if it doesn't, this is probably the correct thing anyway. Tested with a Pi 3B+, so checking it in straight on trunk. check-in: 55cfea5027 user: tangent tags: trunk
Simplified the logic in tools/mmake for detecting whether GNU make is called as "gmake" or as just "make". check-in: fc2a0c1c8f user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed the handler for "freeze display on STOP" to match Ian Schofield's original "LED dithering" ILS-lite patch for the Pi Zero. Leaf check-in: 7d1cd49fe2 user: tangent tags: pi-zero-ils
Untested application of Ian Schofield's LED dithering patch, which replaces the NLS mode with a different PWM-based incandescent lamp simulator scheme than either his original ILS or my "new ILS," intended to give much the same effect while using less host CPU power, so that it can run on a Pi Zero. This checkin is very different from the patch as posted on the mailing list, but I *think* it implements the same core algorithm. It's untested because while I have a PiDP-8/I front panel and a Pi Zero W here, I don't want to tear my PiDP-8/I apart to put the two together. That's and many other reasons are why this is on a branch. check-in: de6d1f5a43 user: tangent tags: pi-zero-ils
Removed an obsolete FIXME comment check-in: 0d1ada3484 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added a delay value in the STOP mode code path to avoid pointlessly burning host-side CPU cycles while waiting for the user to hit CONT or START on the front panel. Suggested by Ian Schofield. check-in: 46b8e18352 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added link to Balena Etcher from doc/ check-in: 78e77bf3f0 user: tangent tags: trunk
Another clarity pass on doc/ check-in: 824c33fa11 user: tangent tags: trunk
Assorted tweaks to doc/ check-in: b20ee14442 user: tangent tags: trunk
Clarified the "motivation" at the top of doc/ check-in: ecff080a2b user: tangent tags: trunk
Grammar fix check-in: 0a67aee2f9 user: tangent tags: trunk
More --enable-savestate doc improvements check-in: 59efb347f7 user: tangent tags: trunk
Clarity tweak to the --enable-savestate doc check-in: 8a91c99445 user: tangent tags: trunk
Another systemd workaround for WSL check-in: 91ff28ae9d user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixes to bin/pidp8i for systems that either have no systemd or where (as on WSL) it's broken. In these cases, the script approximates a SysV init script. check-in: 279555ae38 user: tangent tags: trunk
Fix for Cygwin "which" in bin/pidp8i: unlike typical implementations, it gripes on stderr when it can't find a match in the PATH. Sending stderr to /dev/null. check-in: 15389943a9 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added all of the files renamed in [1860880163] to *.in to the Makefile's INFILES variable, so we autoreconf when any of them get touched. check-in: c67bd86630 user: tangent tags: os8-run-python3
Changed xrange() call to range() in class simh to be compatible with Python 3. check-in: 6d23ecf72c user: tangent tags: os8-run-python3
The configure script now detects whether Python 2 or 3 is installed, and what its binary is called. If both are installed, it prefers Python 3. This then substitutes the value found into all scripts and module shebang lines that previously hardcoded "/usr/bin/env python". With this move, several files got renamed to *.in, as they previously had no other reason to be treated as Autosetup templates. check-in: 1860880163 user: tangent tags: os8-run-python3
Updated the discussion of systemd in the top-level file: it was written in terms of the pre-release trunk implementation. We should have made similar changes shortly before release, but overlooked it. check-in: 1f0cad3572 user: tangent tags: trunk
URL update check-in: 89e22f5975 user: tangent tags: trunk
Merged in trunk changes check-in: 19490adbd4 user: tangent tags: os8-run-python3
Assorted small updates to doc/ check-in: b4b89f2f1e user: tangent tags: trunk
Added TECO Pi macro creation credit to bin/teco-pi-demo. check-in: 57ccbf54aa user: tangent tags: trunk
Updated to latest Autosetup master: my @include and @define features were merged upstream, and it improves syntax error detection for @if. check-in: fb4e965288 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added the Orientation section to the top-level file and simplified the Prerequisites section following it. check-in: 8f7a8e5e59 user: tangent tags: trunk
Math error fix in check-in: 5bd81437e7 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added -y to an apt-get command in tools/bosi check-in: 04cce6c025 user: tangent tags: trunk
Merged trunk changes for v20190425 into release branch Leaf check-in: 2e08e8ff1a user: tangent tags: release, v20190425
Small fix to tools/mkrel. check-in: 07a540166c user: tangent tags: trunk
Released v20190425 check-in: 1999bfb59b user: tangent tags: trunk
Expanded glob in previous to cover v3d.rk05 as well. check-in: 93796e07f6 user: tangent tags: trunk
Updated tools/publish-os8 for the new OS/8 RK05 media names. check-in: 3d717c6324 user: tangent tags: trunk
Changed the systemd service from "Type=oneshot" to "notify" allowing us to use systemd-notify to tell it when the service has successfully started and communicate the screen(1) PID to it. This greatly improves the reliably of systemctl commands on the background service. This solves some of the problems that lead to ticket [ce9ea9c96]. check-in: f9a56691d8 user: tangent tags: trunk
Adjusted the "make release" process so that the version tag ends up on the release branch, not on trunk, so that "fossil up vYYYYmmDD ; fossil up" results in the user staying on the release branch. If vYYYYmmDD is not the current release, it will switch them to the current release. check-in: 27340aeebd user: tangent tags: trunk
Set Fossil's "pull only" setting on the opened Fossil repo in tools/bosi so users can make local checkins without getting warnings about lacking permission to push. check-in: dcb3d283aa user: tangent tags: trunk
On "make install" the *.script files have their savestate directories changed to $prefix/share/save, rather than depend on %HOME% in that condition. check-in: 5846d941cb user: tangent tags: trunk
Reworked the PiDP-8/I custom SIGINT handler in terms of SIGTERM now that SIMH handles that properly. check-in: f4e7086472 user: tangent tags: trunk
Extracted common elements of most boot/*.script files to boot/ and applied final changes that allow SIGTERM to work as we expect. Closes [ce9ea9c96]. check-in: dc8791be53 user: tangent tags: trunk
Updated SIMH again to get distinct SIGTERM handling. (Prior versions treated it the same as SIGINT, which is wrong.) check-in: 61903edc63 user: tangent tags: trunk
The new "pidp8i stop" implementation failed on a real PiDP-8/I because scanswitch fails when the simulator's running. Switched to a different method for detecting which simulator executable is running. check-in: 10339e6b1a user: tangent tags: trunk
Rewrote "pidp8i stop" to send a SIGINT, wait 2 seconds, then SIGKILL to make use of the new savestate mechanism and hopefully close ticket [ce9ea9c96a]. (Checking it in to try on an actual PiDP-8/I next.) If savestate mode is disabled, we skip the first two steps and go straight to SIGKILL: this could lose data, but until SIMH gets proper SIGTERM support, this is the best we can do. check-in: 98a0b0305a user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed a few bugs in the new savestate.script: the ON ERROR handler doesn't help, and Ctrl-E CONT would cause a reboot. check-in: 780af010e3 user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed a pointless "ECHO" from the new boot/savestate.script file. check-in: 4810c085f8 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added the --enable-savestate configuration option, conditionally making use of SIMH's SAVE/RESTORE feature and the new Autosetup @include/@define feature to provide parameterized core/register/device state saving and restoration on simulator restarts. check-in: 555b5e5f8d user: tangent tags: trunk
Added @include and @define features to Autosetup's template file processor. This is being pushed upstream as the template-include branch, but we're checking it in here rather than wait for our PR to be accepted because a) we don't want to wait; and b) it might be rejected, and our subsequent checkin requires this feature to work as it currently does. check-in: 3ea0b1ea99 user: tangent tags: trunk
Updated SIMH again: we need the recent fix to ON ERROR handling. check-in: e5ae989411 user: tangent tags: trunk
Fixed something checked into previous: we added $0 to a "chmod -x $(stuff)" line so there was always something to chmod -x if the subshell returned nothing to avoid a complaint from chmod about getting no args, but $0 should always have +x. Changed it to auto.def, something that should never be +x. check-in: 7e0d206df8 user: tangent tags: trunk