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50 most recent check-ins by user poetnerd

Snapshot. Starting to organize into a logical sequence of presentation. TODO: 1. Work through more API calls. 2. Decide how to present the match tables. Leaf check-in: f1dd4ef410 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Another snapshot of Still brainstorming content. check-in: bcefc61e95 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Snapshot of In course of documenting, figured out a one character change to the initialization that elimintates nade for fakeout_script. So I did it. check-in: 20b6b2476b user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Found another rename needed to follow convention. dcp writeup. check-in: 4654cb8a4a user: poetnerd tags: trunk
I spazzed and didn't follow the naming convention. Remaned new os8script class doc to contain a dash instead of an underscore. check-in: dc2c5dc5c3 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Forgot the license info in Fixed now. check-in: 09ac12b129 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
I must have gotten confused with the merge of trunk. I thought I moved the tests to scripts/os8-progtest/. Now they're moved for real. Next step in production: shift os8-progtest to so we parameterize the Python version. check-in: b5df9631af user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Further cleanup to make os8-progtest ready for production use: 1. Change failure to print failure and continue on to other tests. 2. Correct comments about escape characters. 3. Move the test .yml files from tools/testing to scripts/os8-progtest. 4. Add a --srcdir option, and properly expand the path for finding the test files. 5. Document usage of the program and creation of the state machine files in doc/ check-in: 11b7f30c67 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added ability to process multiple tests on command. Removed superfluous "program" item in test files. Added test of fib to cc8. check-in: 7d40ec51ed user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added a "config" parameter, and if config contains "slow" then wait .05 seconds between sending each character. This enables interaction with uwfocal without overrunning keyboard buffer. This structure can be expanded... check-in: ed4d5840ec user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Converted os8-progtest to use files. Bit the bullet and used YAML. YAML is now a prereq. (I have not yet added the prereq code to auto.def.) check-in: b37034d41d user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Eliminate redundant line of verbose output. check-in: 4ebe4ee822 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Added testing for chekmo. Improved output on test failure. Further cleanup on exit. check-in: c5184fcbbc user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Add comments to give clues to proper reply strings. check-in: 14ed9296d3 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Needed to remove the temp file created for the boot device. check-in: a090dfb35b user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Program test harness. Will validate advent, cc8, and uwfocal. Note: uwfocal is fragile. It EASILY gets its input buffer overrun. check-in: cd63546a8a user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Fixed a missing backtick and a typo. Should fix the rendering of the last couple pages of this doc. check-in: e11923f83d user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Early snapshot. Beginnings of a document of the API. Probably begin with a paste-in of the comments from the code. Currently consists of a reminder how I open coded the OCOMP command state machine. check-in: 452f1a6dba user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Since we can print the File not found error, we should be able to print the user error output similarly. check-in: 1472e398b9 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
code cleanup: Pulled common test and run code from ocomp, pal8 and os8 commands into a single method. This also fixes that pal8 and ocomp tested for simh context too late to be useful Eliminated redundant testing of results. Taught ocomp how to report WHICH file is not found (using code from pal8_command I'd forgotton I had.) Note that there STILL seems to be a race condition in the os8 command with regards to ^C out of some commands. I tried to chase it down but have not yet found it. check-in: aeb9b2026e user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Small change: Make the replies a dictionary parameterized by command name so that we can be more table driven. check-in: 66a76695bb user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Converted the inventory to an HTML table without all the cross-page links to other content. I copied this version into the Wiki. TODO: Pick ONE of these either the Wiki or the as canon. check-in: dea2133077 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Attempt to compensate for problem in Appendix I on the backtick. The <code></code> blocks screw up the table. Let's delete them for now. check-in: 68f6e49bd2 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Improved os8pkg verify command. Uses new `ocomp` os8-run command. Documentation is updated for both tools. Test script for the ocomp command. Fixed a bug I introduced when I changed the os8script API: Need to pass in the script_path for error reporting. Oops. check-in: 5910fa4e4c user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Snapshot: Initial crude verify command. Runs OCOMP on the outputs and prints results. TODO: Teach os8pkg and os8script how to interpret the "NO OUTPUT" result as "success" and "File not found" as failure so the user doesn't have to make interpretation. check-in: 50d0971000 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
API change: Allow us to run a script on an in-memory file created with Python io library. check-in: 5eba589cde user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Keep the creator for ocomp.tu56 as a test script. check-in: f954eba078 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Integrate the OCOMP Octal Compare and Dump tool into the DIST packs so that os8pkg can use it for verification. check-in: 543326f0a9 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
cc8 package needed updating to include the new ctbl.tx driver table. This fixes [ac71d98abf1c]. check-in: fb220f4ad2 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
I see that I broke install when I re-arranged the code. Fixed now. check-in: d1a1219a0f user: poetnerd tags: trunk
With re-arrangement of basic and basic-games packages, v3d-patched no longer has HELLO.BA. But we don't need it in a default basic. check-in: 7005ea8350 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Caught mis-conditional of LCBAS on "ba" not "basic". check-in: 5e6bcb2689 user: poetnerd tags: trunk
Redesign of how packages are managed. New tool os8pkg with a different approach allowing command-line based install and uninstall of packages in a way compatable with the previous config setups. check-in: d96fac26dc user: poetnerd tags: trunk
And I forgot to save the document with the updated location. Leaf check-in: 60e7962e68 user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Move pspec files from a scripts subdir to a top level dir, "pspec". check-in: b4799fbe0d user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
We don't install 600 blocks of KERMIT.PA source on our boot packs. check-in: 167527cdaa user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Added conflicts command that identifies output files seen in multiple packages. check-in: bbf49da0ed user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Amend all command to not run include. Move build so that it will follow deps and precent install when all command is run. check-in: 132c4aa095 user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
A bit of cleanup to the internal structure of main: Startup of os8script runner is make into a subroutine that's called once when needed. A new command, "build" has been added that runs either the build: section, or performs os8-run on the default builder script. check-in: 6938c19e1f user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Get rid of a superfluous line of code that was distracting me. It should have been deleted some time ago. check-in: be9572ec4c user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Removed uwfocal-4e-[12].tu56 binary blobs. Switched to managing uwfocal in src/uwfocal, controlled by scripts/pspec/uwfocal.papec. We build UWF16K.BN and UWF16K.SV. We copy more documentation in now. There is other stuff we could build. But that is for another day. check-in: a421a7ee91 user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Binary blob, local.tu56, and all its usage, and mention in docs has been removed because everything that was in it has been spun out to source-tree based implementations. check-in: 82a7a25b1c user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Move the patched FORLIB.RL binary out of media/os8/local.tu56 to the source tree. TODO: Pull in all the sources and create a forlib-51.10M-tu56.os8 script that builds it from source. check-in: 4d4aa628a0 user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Switch DCP from binary blob in local.tu56 to the source tree managed by os8pkg. Found a bug in New packages were not generating a new scripts/os8pkg/pkgs.os8 file. check-in: ced69ff18e user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Forgot to delete the music binary blob. check-in: 41a9d4b2c8 user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Converted Music to use os8pkg. We actually build MUSIC.SV now. Not useful for the pidp-8/i just yet, but who knows... check-in: 769f9baff2 user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Forgot to ADD the focal69-tu56.os8 script. check-in: f35da76cbe user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Reorganized calls to umount in v3d/dist-rk05.os8. This unearthed a bug: following a umount command with a cpto or cpfrom command would pause and then timeout. Root cause: os8_pip_to and os8_pip_from were unconditionally calling esc_to_simh, and then calling simh_cmd that would check context and call it only if necessary. Fixed. Also corrected comment naming os8_pip_from ans os8_pip_to, and added some more pass-in of debug status. Removed install of music into dist in preparation for conversion to pspec. Added test/cpto.os8 as test case for this bug fix. check-in: 11fc9182d0 user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Credit upstream for focal69. Rename source files to accurately follow upstream. check-in: 2fe0f9d65f user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg
Converted focal69 from binary blob focal69.tu56 to build from source managed by os8pkg. TODO: Recover the source to the 4WORD overlay using the same techniques that were used by me in 2017 to recover the source of the 8K overlay. check-in: eb765f95d4 user: poetnerd tags: os8pkg