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Ticket: fcd776ae6bacef7ee6ba1cc31765db16ca15c062
--disable-os8-cc8 drops LIBC even with the default --with-cc8-cross
User & Date: poetnerd 2019-02-25 01:21:35

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    A challenge in complying with this request:

    The way the SABR loader populates memory, if the location of LIBC.RL changes, the resulting .SV files will be gratuitously different, and the test suite output will change.

    To keep the tests from changing, the cc8-tu56.os8 script carefully builds LIBC.RL, copies it to the .tu56 image, and uses it from there, so that the .SV files built will not be affected by a LIBC.RL file that would land in a location on the system .rk05 image that changes depending on what else got installed.

    Separating out the build and deployment of LIBC.RL becomes a bit tricky.

    Do we want always to build the os8-cc8.tu56 image, and sometimes not install the CC8 Native OS/8 compiler?

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