PiDP-8/I SoftwareCheck-in [9a444fb597]
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Comment:Create new branch named "pi4-gpio-hack"
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SHA3-256: 9a444fb597f0ef7dc584b37499bb9f00e225ccc43c6f7e46820b4e4e284e0fad
User & Date: tangent 2019-08-14 23:43:24
Added support for Pi 4 GPIO, based on code the Raspberry Pi Foundation published: This check-in is based on a version of posted to the PiDP-8 Google Group by Oscar Vermeulen, which is why we're giving him credit for this check-in, even though I (tangent) have done quite a lot of changes to that code, mainly to match the existing code style. This is a branch because it conflicts with the current tip-of-trunk and because it's not yet tested on a Pi 4. It is unknown whether this branch will end up overriding the method we're using on trunk for Pi 0-3 or if we will instead wait for the Foundation to publish a new libbcm_host that obviates some of what this check-in does. Closed-Leaf check-in: bd10d4dde2 user: vermeulen.oscar tags: pi4-gpio-hack
Create new branch named "pi4-gpio-hack" check-in: 9a444fb597 user: tangent tags: pi4-gpio-hack
Simplified the logic in tools/mmake for detecting whether GNU make is called as "gmake" or as just "make". check-in: fc2a0c1c8f user: tangent tags: trunk
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