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Artifact ID: 547f39e704367d94e7d803f5bff7d57cf0b66936
Ticket: c3fad42cdeea34e8fd3c984b8e2c3e2f9e594829
Multiple warnings from patch command while building images
User & Date: poetnerd 2020-07-12 03:08:36

  1. icomment:
    Yup. This one is mine to debug.
    I understand why 5 of them happen.  The build being run has disabled install of fortran-iv, and five of those aborts are for fortran-iv.
    The script is supposed to be ignoring the fortran-iv patches when fortran-iv is disabled.  But I see that I've been matching on fortran_iv, not fortran-iv.
    Commit 70b6053e6d fixes this typo.
    Would you please re-run your test?
    I would classify this as a partial fix.  It is a mystery to me why the ABSLDR patch is failing in `ock`.  I get a successful build of it.  Perhaps there's a piece that I'm including that you are not that breaks the OCK build subtly.
    How come you're disabling so much?
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  4. status changed to: "Partial Fix"