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Artifact ID: 50d9df0b2f96d789bfde018b72b5ae2e7305642c
Ticket: c3fad42cdeea34e8fd3c984b8e2c3e2f9e594829
Multiple warnings from patch command while building images
User & Date: poetnerd 2020-07-16 02:45:18

  1. icomment:
    Thanks for re-testing.
    I'm glad to know that the partial fix was right.
    The root cause on the failed ABSLDR patch is going to be tricky.  Notice how the old value found is **different** in the two runs.  In the first failure it was 0006. In the second run it was 0075.  This is a very valuable safety check to make sure we don't go overwriting random stuff when we know what we should find to replace.
    I've done some more digging into that patch.  It turns out that the purpose of the patch is to disable code that was supposed to adjust the Core Control Block when the KT8A memory extension option was present, giving the PDP-8 more than 32K of memory. But apparently that code broke something else and needed to be disabled.  So, in practice, the patch does not have much of any impact, since we never emulate the KT8A memory extension to go above 32K of memory.
    Still, patching with FUTIL is something that should work. This is the first use of the FUTIL patching code path, so there my be some subtle problem.  I shall need to meditate on this.
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