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Artifact ID: 48a09b7bbc789c363de25d9e1bec17db9648971a
Ticket: c3fad42cdeea34e8fd3c984b8e2c3e2f9e594829
Multiple warnings from patch command while building images
User & Date: jcwren 2020-07-14 21:03:12

  1. icomment:
    Looks like that fixes all except on warning, except when patching ABSLDR.
    Primarily because I don't need any of that stuff. Just looking to load the Life program and let it run when I'm not using it. Did that by forcing simh to save the state just after I hit the 'Z' key for the patterns, and then `chmod +r` on it. So now when the Pi boots up, it runs Life with nice blinkenlights, and when I want to actually play on it, I load a full OS/8 RK05 image.
    Running script file: ./scripts/os8/ock/patch-rk05.os8
    copy command:
            from: /home/pidp8i/src/pidp8i/trunk/bin/ock-dist.rk05,
            to: /home/pidp8i/src/pidp8i/trunk/bin/ock-patched.rk05
    Applying patches inherited from v3d:
    Applying patch CREF-21.15.1M-v5B.patch8...Success.
    Applying patch CREF-21.15.2M-v5C.patch8...Success.
    Applying patch BRTS-31.11.3-O.patch8...Success.
    Applying patch SABR-21.91.1M-v18B.patch8...Success.
    Applying patch TECO-31.20.05M-v5A.patch8...Success.
    Applying patch TECO-31.20.06M-v5B.patch8...Success.
    Applying patch TECO-31.20.07M.v5C.patch8...Success.
    Applying patch TECO-31.20.08M-v5.04.patch8...Success.
    Applying patch TECO-31.20.10M-v5.05.patch8...Success.
    Applying patch TECO-31.20.11M-v5.06.patch8...Success.
    Applying patch TECO-31.20.12M-v5.07.patch8...Success.
    Applying patch TECO-31.20.13M-v5.08.patch8...Success.
    Applying patches unique to the Combined Kit:
    Applying patch ABSLDR-21.29.1M-v6C.patch8...    Old value: 0075 does not match 1757. Aborting patch.
    Applying patch PAL8-35.14.1M-V13B.patch8...Success.
    Applying patch BLOAD-35.51.1M-v5C.patch8...Success.
    bin/os8-run --disable advent --disable chess --disable fortran-ii --disable fortran-iv --disable uwfocal ./scripts/os8/ock/boot-rk05.os8
    Running script file: ./scripts/os8/ock/boot-rk05.os8
    copy command:
            from: /home/pidp8i/src/pidp8i/trunk/bin/ock-patched.rk05,
            to: /home/pidp8i/src/pidp8i/trunk/bin/ock.rk05
    rm -f obj/v3f-build.rk05
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