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Ticket: fcd776ae6bacef7ee6ba1cc31765db16ca15c062
--disable-os8-cc8 drops LIBC even with the default --with-cc8-cross
User & Date: tangent 2019-02-21 10:21:16

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    The process of assembling the cross-compiled LIBC.SB file is part of an os8-run script that runs only when --disable-os8-cc8 is not given, which means you cannot use the cross-compiler to build PDP-8 executables unless you also include the OS/8 compiler, which you might not even need.

    That script should either be broken into two parts or have conditional execution, so that the LIBC build occurs as long as *either* CC8 compiler is built.

    We might as well copy over the example programs as well in this situation.

    Since we don't particularly want all of this on the disk packs under test-os8-run, that script should be taught to add --disable-cc8-cross when the option shuffler includes --disable-os8-cc8.

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    --disable-os8-cc8 drops LIBC even with the default --with-cc8-cross

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