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Release 2018.12.xx plan

(1) By tangent on 2018-12-07 11:23:49 [link]

Now that your V3F branch is released, we have a strong reason to release soon. To-do:

  1. All the regular pre-release process stuff, especially squishing the high-priority bugs.

  2. One of us should post a call for testing to the Google Group.

  3. There remain references to "mkos8" that need to change to "os8-run".

  4. Mark Pizzolato's bugged me a few times about re-testing some changes he's made to the SIMH timing core that affect the PDP-8 simulator's startup behavior. It's time to stop procrastinating on that, merge the latest SIMH, and report my findings.

  5. Once we're happy with the new V3D media, they should replace the ones we're currently offering on the home page.

    (Should the V3F tapes join them, or do we wait for the V3F-on-RK05 project to complete first?)

I'd like to get this out before Christmas. Yes, Christmas this year. 😉

(2) By tangent on 2018-12-07 13:11:51 [link] in reply to 1

I've done a first pass on the ChangeLog. Please give it a read and touch it up as needed, Bill.

Are you the project's new maintainer? I think I might be responsible for more individual items in this release, but you're almost certainly responsible for more new and changed lines of code.

I ask because while writing new ChangeLog entries, my normal rule is "Everything not attributed to someone else was done by me," and this release is nearing the 50/50 point on that basis. If it passes that point, I'll want to change the rule.

Assuming my level of contribution stays flat or decreases, do you think the next release will be even more Bill and less Warren?

(3) By poetnerd on 2018-12-08 03:26:54 [link] in reply to 2

Forecasting is difficult, especially about the future.

Let's continue to talk about who is maintainer. I'm not yet comfortable taking on that mantle, but if I start making more massive changes throughout the system, then perhaps.

(4) By poetnerd on 2018-12-08 03:46:29 in reply to 1


With various Holiday events, I do not know if I'll have enough hours to get all of what I should be responsible for done by Christmas. But we shall see.

I'll review the pre-release process stuff.

Let's call for testing after you've pulled up the latest SIMH.

I'll take as my next action item to do a "purge mkos8" sweep.

I will also look at the high priority bugs.

I think the V3D media is ready to ship, but maybe we want to build on the latest SIMH?

The V3F tapes should join the V3D media.