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History for bin/pidp8i

Renamed to bin/ The init script now drops superuser privileges before executing any screen(1) command so that the simulator and its attached screen session are owned by the user who configured the software, which is presumably the one who will be trying to run it. Similarly, the bin/pidp8i script now no longer runs screen(1) via sudo. The practical upshot of this is that the only remaining commands that you have to run via sudo are the ones to start and stop the simulator, and that's only because service control feels like it should belong to root. Closes [aa4c9ba77]. check-in: [477b1549b6] user: tangent branch: release, size: 0
Renamed all "pidp" references remaining related to the initscript and screen(1) to "pidp8i". Closes [5a50b2b21e] file: [06fe6e1f49] check-in: [e8a260f907] user: tangent branch: trunk, size: 131
Renamed etc/ → bin/pidp8i. Merged the functional contents of install/*.sh into the make install target. file: [761ed486f7] check-in: [0b9be72eeb] user: tangent branch: trunk, size: 127