PiDP-8/I Software

How the PiDP-8/i Software Is Tested
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How do we gain confidence that what we will release is working with minimal regressions?

The buld process operates in layers starting with SIMH and the OS/8 distribution DECtape image files as the lowest level. The layering goes like this:

  1. Boot the OS/8 V3D Distribution DECtape image, .../media/os8/v3d/al-4711c-ba-os8-v3d-1.1978.tu56. This creates v3d-dist.rk05 which is booted to continue the build process.

  2. Boot v3d-dist.rk05 to apply patches to create a useful image with the latest bug fixes, v3d-patched.rk05. Strictly speaking, this is the optimal, but minimum platform for continuing to build, and to operate utilities.

  3. Boot v3d-patched.rk05 to build e8, cc8, and anything else that needs OS/8. This is the platform that should be used to build V3F from source, and the OS/8 Combined Kit (OCK) from source. Creating the images used to assemble V3F and OCK from source requires os8-cp.

  4. Install packages built with OS/8 onto runable packs. This is where v3d-patched.rk05 becomes v3d.rk05. At the present moment, the component RK05 images that will be gathered into ock-dist.rk05 have been built using v3d-patched.rk05. They could have been built using v3d.rk05. The choice is made in the build scripts. The ock-dist.rk05 image is constructed similarly to layer 1. The al-4711c-ba-os8-v3d-1.1978.tu56 image is booted, and used to create an RK05 image, which is then populated with the other components built in layer 3. At this point we have bootable TU56 images for V3D and V3F built from v3d.rk05. We also have ock-dist.rk05 built from source.

  5. Boot ock-dist.rk05 and apply patches to create ock-patched.rk05.

  6. Install packages such as cc8 and e8 on ock-patched.rk05 to create ock.rk05. This completes all building.

Layer 1 shows that SIMH basically works. Each subsequent layer is proof that the basic operation of the previous layer works. So a successful build of everything has provided a fair bit of coverage.

The next challenge is functional tests for leaf node packages like cc8 and advent. The os8-progtest tool tests these.

The leaf node package management files live in the pspec subdirectory of the source tree. Tests for the packages live in scripts/os8-progtest. auto.def knows how to discover new packages and new tests and incorporate them into the Makefile.

Makefile contains a make test target that runs os8-progtest on all discovered tests.