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PiDP-8/I PCB Test Program
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Compiling and Installing

pidp8i-test is a simple program to test Oscar Vermeulen's PiDP-8/I Kit during construction. It is built and installed alongside the other software with the normal make process.

Running It

If you're running one of the binary OS images, simply give these commands:

$ pidp8i stop
$ pidp8i-test

The first command ensures that the modified PDP-8 simulator is stopped during the test, since only one program can be talking to the switch and LED array at a given time. (This also applies to other programs like Deeper Thought 2.)

If you built the PiDP-8/I software from source atop some other Raspberry Pi operating system installation, you will have to log out and back in after installing the software so the installer's adjustments to your PATH take effect. Then you can use the commands above.

Test Procedure

The test normally proceeds automatically forward, but you can take control of the test sequence with these keys:

Key Effect
or Skip to next test
or Go back to previous test
R Resume auto-advance behavior
X or Ctrl-C Exit program

Any of the arrow keypresses stop the auto-advancing behavior.

The test proceeds as follows:


This document is licensed under the same terms as the associated src/test.c program.