PiDP-8/I Software

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The Raspbian OS images you can download from the PiDP-8/I development site are based on the official Raspbian images, so the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s installation guide applies just as well to our PiDP-8/I software images. I particularly like using the Etcher method, even on a POSIX system, since it can write the SD card directly from the Zip file, without requiring that you unpack the *.img file within first.

You will need to use a 2 GB or larger SD card.

The contents of the Zip file are:

File Name Description this file
pidp8i-*.img the OS image, based on Raspbian Stretch Lite
MANIFEST.txt SHA-256 hash and file size for the OS image file

Aside from having the PiDP-8/I software installed and running, the primary difference between this disk image and the official Raspbian Lite image is the default user name and password:

You will be made to change that password on first login.

Remember, the S in IoT stands for Security. If we want security, we have to see to it ourselves!

If you do not want your PiDP-8/I to be secure, see my other guide, "How to Run a Naked PiDP-8/I."