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This is a copy of the latest upstream release, v2.4. Prior releases are curated separately as part of Bill Cattey’s PDP-8 Alive project.

This version of Adventure was orginally written by Rick Murphy when he worked at Digital back in 1979 and published as DECUS 8-889. (Back then he went by Dick, instead of Rick.)

Instructions on running ADVENT under the FORTRAN IV Runtime System, FRTS, can be found in the text file ADVENT.DC.

Original DECUS Writeup:

Adventure 8-889

Version: February 1979

Author: Dick Murphy, Digital Equipment Corporation

Operating System: OS/8 V3C, V3D; OS/12

Source Language: FORTRAN IV, RALF

Memory Required: 32KW

Keywords: Games

Abstract: Adventure is a magical, unpredictable and often addicting computer game that has caught on in the United States in near epidemic proportions.

It is a treasure hunt with all the trimmings - mysteries and challenges that grow more and more complex as the game unravels. Adventure is more of a puzzle than a game. Once solved, it's mastered. The mastering, however, often takes months of drawing maps and planning strategy.

Adventure's sweeping popularity lies in it's power to enchant. Players are projected into a world of fantasy, one that blends the heart pounding suspense of "Treasure Island" with the magic of "Alice in Wonderland".

Note: This is a version of the popular PDP-11 Adventure game (DECUS No. 11-340), containing all the features, but modified to run on a PDP-8.

Documentation on magnetic media.

Media Service Charge Code: Write-Up (AA), DECtape (HA), Floppy Diskette (KB)

Format: OS/8

Catalog: June 1985