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Amber VT Override

This is a derivative of the Modern override but with several color differences reminiscent of the Digital Equipment Corportation PDP-8/I minicomputer.

All of the <pre> text boxes are styled to mimic an amber monochrome terminal. This is an anachronism, since teletypes were the main terminal type used with the PDP-8/I, released in 1968, whereas amber glass terminals were more of a mid-1980s thru mid-1990s sort of thing. Nevertheless, I think it’s a nice visual match: if such terminals were available at the time the PDP-8/I was release, I think DEC would have shipped them as the default terminal.

This skin demonstrates the multiple override technique: see the @import directives in the *.scss files in this directory. Notice that some are at the top of the file, and some at the end. See the prior link for the reasoning behind all of this.

Because of this “override of an override” technique, most of the changes you’re likely to want to make to this skin are actually in lower levels: Modern, the Fossil default base skin, or in the common layer. If you’re looking for variables to adjust this override and can’t find something suitable, look deeper: chances are good that the skin is already extensible in the way you wish, if only by passing heavy-handed --define-late/L flags to Inskinerator.