ExpressPCB Parts

To install these parts, unpack them under the ExpressPCB folder which was created in your My Documents directory. 61 KB Submitted by: Christina Palmer on Jan 18, 2015
Improved alternatives to the built-in resistor, capacitor, transistor, diode, LED, switch, DIP-8, SOIC-8, transformer, and fuse parts; EL2001, HA3-5002, TLE2426, CRDs, several dual-gang audio taper pots, many TO series parts, European schematic symbols, and more! 14 KB Submitted by: Warren Young on Jan 18, 2015
Additional cap, resistor, diode, and wire pad sizes; Keystone plastic PC-mount battery holders, alternate BC CT-94W trim pot, DACT CT-2 dual-deck stepped attenuator, ALPS RK09[78] pots with switch, SMT 1913 pads, BUF634, jumper wire, MC3334x charge controller, generic op-amp, and thermistor. 6 KB Submitted by: Phillip LaRocco on Jan 18, 2015
Power transformers, PC-mount DPDT switch, AGC fuse holder, common battery outlines, LT1210CR op-amp, and board-mount 1/4" jack.

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