ADAPTLE: An SO-8 to TO-92 Adapter for the TLE2426

NOTE: I am no longer offering pre-made circuit boards for this project.

This is a simple board to adapt the SO-8 version of the TLE2426 rail splitter IC to the TO-92 pinout. There are two purposes to this. The lesser is that sometimes the TO-92 version isn't available but the SO-8 is. A better reason is that the 8-pin versions of the TLE2426 have the option of adding a noise reduction capacitor, so this adapter lets you have that feature on boards that only use the 3-pin TO-92 version.

ADAPTLE board, populated

A populated ADAPTLE BOARD (v1.0)

The current version of this circuit board is 0.325" × 0.525".

Notes on CNR

The noise reduction cap (CNR) can be either a PCM-5 style box cap, or it can be a 1206 size surface mount part. You just choose one of the two footprints on the board.

These type of caps are non-polar, so you can install them in any orientation that makes sense to you. You can even choose, with the PCM-5 type, to put it on either side of the board.

In the TLE2426 datasheet, TI says this part should be 1 µF, and doesn't give any further details. I suspect there are a range of values that will work, but I haven't actually tried it. I can tell you that the voltage tolerance should be at least equal to the voltage difference between the part's IN and COM pins. For instance, if you have a 24 V supply and want to use the TLE2426 to make a ±12 V split supply, you want at least a 25 V cap here.

Pin Options

The adapter is designed with two kinds of pins in mind, but of course you could come up with yet more options:

If the circuit you're installing the finished ADAPTLE into has the TLE2426CLP pins arranged in a straight line — as on the PPA amp board, for example — you can use right-angle 0.1" center pins. The best type for this are machined pins, like Mill-Max 399-10-164-10-009, for example. The common square cross-section pins used for jumpers and connectors for ribbon cables are too big to fit into the ADAPTLE's holes.

If you need more flexibility, such as if the pins are arranged in a triangle formation — as is the case for most of the other project PCBs on this site — I would use clipped-off resistor or cap leads. Then you can bend the pins around in any orientation you need.

Installation Orientation

The ADAPTLE is designed so that the label on TLE2426 mounted to the ADAPTLE board points the same direction as the label would if you were using the TO-92 version:

TLE2426, pre-ADAPTLE ADAPTLE in place of TLE2426

Board with TLE2426CLP installed, then replaced with ADAPTLE

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