There are several other Winsock-related sites on the net that I think you will find helpful:


The author of Windows Sockets Network Programming has a site dedicated to Winsock, It mostly exists as a supplement to the book, but it’s useful even if you don’t have the book at hand. The site is now rather dated, though in some ways that’s a good thing, as it holds resources most other places have removed as they modernize.

One such item is the original Winsock Specifications in Microsoft Word format. As Winsock became less a vendor-neutral specification and just part of Windows, the spec became less authoritative than the Winsock-related material scattered through the MSDN Library. The original spec is still useful, however, having all the core specifications about Winsock in one place.

TCP/IP Pocket Guide

W. Richard Stevens, TCP/IP guru and general good guy, collected the IP, TCP and UDP diagrams from his books, as well as the TCP state/transition diagram and released it for free as the TCP/IP Pocket Guide.

This is a Postscript file. If you don’t have a Postscript printer, you can display and print these files with the freely-available GSview program. If you have Adobe Acrobat (not the free Reader), you can use its Distiller component to convert the file to a PDF.

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