These are RFCs that are useful to application programmers, but not officially accepted as Internet-wide standards. They tend to be de facto standards, however.

RFC 896Congestion Control in IP/TCP Internetworks, J. Nagle, 1/6/1984, 9 pp.

RFC 977Network News Transfer Protocol, B. Kantor, P. Lapsley, 2/1/1986, 27 pp.

RFC 1013X Window System Protocol, version 11, R. Scheifler, 6/1/1987, 101 pp.

RFC 1592Simple Network Management Protocol Distributed Protocol Interface Version 2.0, B. Wijnen, G. Carpenter, K. Curran, A. Sehgal, G. Waters, 3/3/1994, 54 pp.

RFC 1813NFS Version 3 Protocol Specification, B. Callaghan, B. Pawlowski, P. Staubach, 6/21/1995, 126 pp.

RFC 1831Remote Procedure Call Protocol Specification Version 2, R. Srinivasan, 8/9/1995, 18 pp.

RFC 1832External Data Representation Standard, R. Srinivasan, 8/9/1995, 24 pp.

RFC 1833Binding Protocols for ONC RPC Version 2, R. Srinivasan, 8/9/1995, 14 pp.

RFC 1866Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0, T. Berners-Lee, D. Connolly, 11/3/1995, 77 pp.

RFC 1867Form-based File Upload in HTML, E. Nebel, L. Masinter, 11/7/1995, 13 pp.

RFC 1918Address Allocation for Private Internets, Y. Rekhter, B. Moskowitz, D. Karrenberg, G. de Groot, E. Lear, 2/29/1996, 9 pp.

RFC 1928SOCKS Protocol Version 5, M. Leech, M. Ganis, Y. Lee, R. Kuris, D. Koblas, L. Jones, 4/3/1996, 9 pp.

RFC 2030Simple Network Time Protocol Version 4 for IPv4, D. Mills, 10/30/1996, 18 pp.

RFC 2045Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies, N. Freed, N. Borenstein, 12/2/1996, 31 pp.

RFC 2046Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Two: Media Types, N. Freed, N. Borenstein, 12/2/1996, 44 pp.

RFC 2047Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Three: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text, K. Moore, 12/2/1996, 15 pp.

RFC 2048Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Four: Registration Procedures, N. Freed, J. Klensin, J. Postel, 1/28/1997, 21 pp.

RFC 2049Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Five: Conformance Criteria and Examples, N. Freed, N. Borenstein, 12/2/1996, 24 pp.

RFC 2054WebNFS Client Specification, B. Callaghan, 10/31/1996, 16 pp.

RFC 2055WebNFS Server Specification, B. Callaghan, 10/31/1996, 10 pp.

RFC 2060Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4rev1, M. Crispin, 12/4/1996, 82 pp.

RFC 2131Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, R. Droms, 3/1997, 45 pp.

RFC 2460Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Specification, S. Deering, R. Hinden, 12/1998, 39 pp.

RFC 2616Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1, R. Fielding, J. Gettys, J. Mogul, H. Frystyk, L. Masinter, P. Leach, T. Berners-Lee, 6/1999, 176 pp.

RFC 2810Internet Relay Chat: Architecture, C. Kalt, 4/2000, 10 pp.Updates RFC 1459.

RFC 2811Internet Relay Chat: Channel Management, C. Kalt, 4/2000, 19 pp.Updates RFC 1459.

RFC 2812Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol, C. Kalt, 4/2000, 63 pp.Updates RFC 1459.

RFC 2813Internet Relay Chat: Server Protocol, C. Kalt, 4/2000, 26 pp.Updates RFC 1459.

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