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24 check-ins using file version aaf3894668

DBDriver::shutdown() now executes a SHUTDOWN query on MySQL 8.0.0 and higher due to removal of the C API function mysql_shutdown() in that release. They put it back in 8.0.1, but only due to end-user complaints, and they say it'll go away for good eventually, so we prefer to deploy and test this workaround before then. Leaf check-in: b238cd34c2 user: tangent tags: trunk
Experimental fix for [eab08a87ed]: copy the list of successfully applied connection options when cloning a Connection and its underlying DBDriver so that the copy gets the same options. We currently only do this when the other connection was up at the time of cloning, but we might be swayed to change this behavior. Leaf check-in: de38699272 user: tangent tags: reapply-conn-opts-on-clone
Conditionally using std::unique_ptr instead of auto_ptr on C++11 and newer versions of g++ and clang++ to avoid the warning about using a deprecated feature. Closes [97f62ef016]. check-in: 08496d4b48 user: tangent tags: trunk
Created the MAY_THROW() macro which allows conditional throwspecs: old-style for ABI compatibility on C++14 and older versions of g++ and clang++, and new-style on C++17 and newer versions of those compilers. We'll have to expand the ifdef logic on the definition of this macro for other compilers eventually, as we learn of ones that refuse to accept throwspecs. Closes [8395aa91d1]. check-in: 799b4851e5 user: tangent tags: trunk
"make dist" now uses the -h option with tar to dereference any symlinks in the dist tree, so the machine the tarball is unpacked on doesn't have to have the target files. This closes [f0505cba03] where at the top level may point at a file on the target machine that doesn't exist, requiring a re-bootstrap on that system to fix the link. check-in: ce2fefae8a user: tangent tags: trunk
Replaced a couple of uses of Bash's brace expansion feature (e.g. *.{cpp,h}) with more portable "for" loops. Without this fix, you can't build the release tarball on systems without Bash as /bin/sh, such as Debian. check-in: fd1e56fe82 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added doc/userman/LICENSE.txt and .../README.txt. These got left out of the conversion from tarballs to Fossil because of a rule excluding doc/userman/*.txt, most of which are plain text versions of examples/*.cpp, which are generated. check-in: 91123f0fa3 user: tangent tags: trunk
Whitespace normalization in mysql++.bkl. check-in: 1631f48573 user: tangent tags: trunk
Added a few files left out of the initial checkin sequence converting the repository to Fossil: they are in subdirectories of doc/ that normally contain generated content, but they are in fact original content. check-in: 41c20505a8 user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed bk-deps from the tree: this is generated by Bakefile during bootstrapping. check-in: 115666e2a7 user: tangent tags: trunk
Updated ssx/ in the same way as we just did for lib/ check-in: 90709866a6 user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed two configuration lines from lib/ that cause newer versions of doxygen to refuse to process the file. We were using the defaults for these, so this won't hurt backwards compatibility. check-in: 158fed1f2c user: tangent tags: trunk
Modified the ifdefs for four libmysqlclient options that were removed from MySQL 8.0.1 but have not yet been removed in MariaDB. The end user effect is that setting the connection options that no longer exist cause a run-time API error if you are not running a version of libmysqlclient that understands these options. check-in: 5767708cd6 user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed "register" qualifiers from all variable declarations. It's deprecated in C++11 and C++14 and is now illegal in C++17. Closes [648dafd5ed]. check-in: 78fc2ae13b user: tangent tags: trunk
Added some SSQLSv2 testing files present in previous svn repo but not in tarballs, thus not restored in Fossil conversion, which prevented dtest from running to completion. Since SSQLSv2 has never been completed, this is purely annoying rather than actually important. check-in: 143985738d user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed the redundant library removal bit on config/mysql_loc.m4. If triggered, it causes bare -L flags to be put into, which isn't likely to work out well. I don't recall this being *required* anywhere; it looks like overzealous cleanup. check-in: a8184428f3 user: tangent tags: trunk
If the C API library is in one of the linker's default paths and the first directory the mysql_loc macro searched for the library doesn't exist, it would use that in the -L flag since the link succeeded with that first try. Some linkers (e.g. current macOS) then complain about a bogus -L flag, even though the link succeeds. We now skip the test for directories that don't exist, so that we exit that loop in such cases with one of the bog standard directories like /usr/lib, which exists everywhere. check-in: f2533e5ac5 user: tangent tags: trunk
No longer #including mysql_version.h ahead of mysql.h in lib/common.h. It causes a warning in newer C API libraries, and we didn't really need to do it anyway. check-in: 80288634c8 user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed It's generated by autoheader. check-in: 9f0c045c5c user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed Makefile.{mingw,simple}, also generated by Bakefile check-in: d37b3b274f user: tangent tags: trunk
Removed config/autoconf_inc.m4. This macro is generated by Bakefile, not something we wrote. check-in: 2e6be82f2e user: tangent tags: trunk
Applied an external patch by Augusto Caringi of Red Hat fixing a build issue against MariaDB 10.2.6 due to removal of an obsolete macro. Downstream bug: check-in: e5f2c3d83f user: tangent tags: trunk
Whitespace fix check-in: 05b3f02f21 user: tangent tags: trunk
More tweaks check-in: 527db19b91 user: tangent tags: trunk