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install error
User & Date: anonymous 2018-07-11 06:13:29

  1. Change foundin to "3.2.3"
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    In CentOS7 and Mysql 8 version

    configure is ok, but make and make install do now work at all...

    ./lib/options.cpp: In member function 'virtual mysqlpp::Option::Error mysqlpp::GuessConnectionOption::set(mysqlpp::DB Driver*)': ./lib/options.cpp:72:20: error: 'MYSQL_OPT_GUESS_CONNECTION' was not declared in this scope dbd->set_option(MYSQL_OPT_GUESS_CONNECTION) ? ^ ./lib/options.cpp: In member function 'virtual mysqlpp::Option::Error mysqlpp::SecureAuthOption::set(mysqlpp::DBDrive r*)': ./lib/options.cpp:264:20: error: 'MYSQL_SECURE_AUTH' was not declared in this scope dbd->set_option(MYSQL_SECURE_AUTH, &arg_) ? ^ ./lib/options.cpp: In member function 'virtual mysqlpp::Option::Error mysqlpp::SetClientIpOption::set(mysqlpp::DBDriv er*)': ./lib/options.cpp:295:20: error: 'MYSQL_SET_CLIENT_IP' was not declared in this scope dbd->set_option(MYSQL_SET_CLIENT_IP, arg_.c_str()) ? ^ ./lib/options.cpp: In member function 'virtual mysqlpp::Option::Error mysqlpp::UseEmbeddedConnectionOption::set(mysql pp::DBDriver*)': ./lib/options.cpp:340:20: error: 'MYSQL_OPT_USE_EMBEDDED_CONNECTION' was not declared in this scope dbd->set_option(MYSQL_OPT_USE_EMBEDDED_CONNECTION) ? ^ ./lib/options.cpp: In member function 'virtual mysqlpp::Option::Error mysqlpp::UseRemoteConnectionOption::set(mysqlpp ::DBDriver*)': ./lib/options.cpp:353:20: error: 'MYSQL_OPT_USE_REMOTE_CONNECTION' was not declared in this scope dbd->set_option(MYSQL_OPT_USE_REMOTE_CONNECTION) ?

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