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History of tools/tb-ignore-glob

Better explanation of the "bootstrap bat" option in BAD CHECKIN. file: [2d30d1c755] check-in: [cf53e4ee34] user: tangent branch: BOGUS, size: 1079
Added tools/tarballs-to-fossil, the Bash script used to convert the archive of MySQL++ tarballs to Fossil major-version checkins on the new Fossil repository. This is checked in after hopefully becoming obsolete by way of documenting how the conversion was performed. This checkin also includes tools/tb-ignore-glob, the "fossil addremove --ignore" rule set used by the script, which documents which files were filtered out of the tarballs: basically, any file that could be generated from one of the other files that were checked in for that major version. Because this list could be overly "grabby," particularly for older releases (e.g. "Makefile" in the pre-Autoconf and pre-Bakefile worlds) and because modern systems may not always be able to recreate generated files from the more antiquated sources in any case, the tarballs will remain the primary data sources. file: [cf41718291] check-in: [80e1f8335a] user: tangent branch: trunk, size: 1384 Added