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 oNexamplesStuff related to MySQL++ examples specifically
 oNinternalNamespace for holding things used only within MySQL++
 oNssqlsxlatStuff specific to the ssqlsxlat tool
 oCAutoFlagA template for setting a flag on a variable as long as the object that set it is in scope. Flag resets when object goes out of scope. Works on anything that looks like bool
 oCBeecryptMutexWrapper around platform-specific mutexes
 oCScopedLockWrapper around BeecryptMutex to add scope-bound locking and unlocking
 oCCommandLineBaseParses command line arguments and holds the results
 oCComparableMix-in that gives its subclass a full set of comparison operators
 oCConnectionManages the connection to the database server
 oCTooOldFunctor to test whether a given ConnectionInfo object is "too old"
 oCConnectionPoolManages a pool of connections for programs that need more than one Connection object at a time, but can't predict how many they need in advance
 oCDateTimeC++ form of SQL's DATETIME type
 oCDateC++ form of SQL's DATE type
 oCTimeC++ form of SQL's TIME type
 oCDBDriverProvides a thin abstraction layer over the underlying database client library
 oCExceptionBase class for all MySQL++ custom exceptions
 oCBadConversionException thrown when a bad type conversion is attempted
 oCBadFieldNameException thrown when a requested named field doesn't exist
 oCBadIndexException thrown when an object with operator [] or an at() method gets called with a bad index
 oCBadOptionException thrown when you pass an unrecognized option to Connection::set_option()
 oCBadParamCountException thrown when not enough query parameters are provided
 oCUseQueryErrorException thrown when something goes wrong in processing a "use" query
 oCBadQueryException thrown when the database server encounters a problem while processing your query
 oCConnectionFailedException thrown when there is a problem related to the database server connection
 oCDBSelectionFailedException thrown when the program tries to select a new database and the database server refuses for some reason
 oCMutexFailedException thrown when a BeecryptMutex object fails
 oCObjectNotInitializedException thrown when you try to use an object that isn't completely initialized
 oCSelfTestFailedUsed within MySQL++'s test harness only
 oCTypeLookupFailedThrown from the C++ to SQL data type conversion routine when it can't figure out how to map the type
 oCBadInsertPolicyException thrown when an insert policy is too strict to create a valid INSERT statement
 oCFieldClass to hold information about a SQL field
 oCFieldNamesHolds a list of SQL field names
 oCFieldTypesA vector of SQL field types
 oCSetA special std::set derivative for holding MySQL data sets
 oCStringA std::string work-alike that can convert itself from SQL text data formats to C++ data types
 oCOptionalExceptionsInterface allowing a class to have optional exceptions
 oCNoExceptionsDisable exceptions in an object derived from OptionalExceptions
 oCnull_typeThe type of the global mysqlpp::null object
 oCNullIsNullClass for objects that define SQL null in terms of MySQL++'s null_type
 oCNullIsZeroClass for objects that define SQL null as 0
 oCNullIsBlankClass for objects that define SQL null as a blank C string
 oCNullClass for holding data from a SQL column with the NULL attribute
 oCOptionDefine abstract interface for all *Option subclasses
 oCDataOptionDefine abstract interface for all *Options that take a lone scalar as an argument
 oCCompressOptionEnable data compression on the connection
 oCConnectTimeoutOptionChange Connection::connect() default timeout
 oCFoundRowsOptionMake Query::affected_rows() return number of matched rows
 oCGuessConnectionOptionAllow C API to guess what kind of connection to use
 oCIgnoreSpaceOptionAllow spaces after function names in queries
 oCInitCommandOptionGive SQL executed on connect
 oCInteractiveOptionAssert that this is an interactive program
 oCLocalFilesOptionEnable LOAD DATA LOCAL statement
 oCLocalInfileOptionEnable LOAD LOCAL INFILE statement
 oCMultiResultsOptionEnable multiple result sets in a reply
 oCMultiStatementsOptionEnable multiple queries in a request to the server
 oCNamedPipeOptionSuggest use of named pipes
 oCNoSchemaOptionDisable db.tbl.col syntax in queries
 oCReadDefaultFileOptionOverride use of my.cnf
 oCReadDefaultGroupOptionOverride use of my.cnf
 oCReadTimeoutOptionSet timeout for IPC data reads
 oCReconnectOptionEnable automatic reconnection to server
 oCReportDataTruncationOptionSet reporting of data truncation errors
 oCSecureAuthOptionEnforce use of secure authentication, refusing connection if not available
 oCSetCharsetDirOptionGive path to charset definition files
 oCSetCharsetNameOptionGive name of default charset
 oCSetClientIpOptionFake client IP address when connecting to embedded server
 oCSharedMemoryBaseNameOptionSet name of shmem segment for IPC
 oCSslOptionSpecialized option for handling SSL parameters
 oCUseEmbeddedConnectionOptionConnect to embedded server in preference to remote server
 oCUseRemoteConnectionOptionConnect to remote server in preference to embedded server
 oCWriteTimeoutOptionSet timeout for IPC data reads
 oCSQLQueryParmsThis class holds the parameter values for filling template queries
 oCSQLParseElementUsed within Query to hold elements for parameterized queries
 oCQueryA class for building and executing SQL queries
 oCRefCountedPointerDestroyerFunctor to call delete on the pointer you pass to it
 oCRefCountedPointerCreates an object that acts as a reference-counted pointer to another object
 oCSimpleResultHolds information about the result of queries that don't return rows
 oCResultBaseBase class for StoreQueryResult and UseQueryResult
 oCStoreQueryResultStoreQueryResult set type for "store" queries
 oCRefCountedPointerDestroyer< MYSQL_RES >Functor to call mysql_free_result() on the pointer you pass to it
 oCUseQueryResultStoreQueryResult set type for "use" queries
 oCRowManages rows from a result set
 oCScopedConnectionGrabs a Connection from a ConnectionPool on construction and releases it back to the pool on destruction, and provides access to the relevant Connection pointer
 oCSQLBufferHolds SQL data in string form plus type information for use in converting the string to compatible C++ data types
 oCSQLStreamA class for building SQL-formatted strings
 oCSQLTypeAdapterConverts many different data types to strings suitable for use in SQL queries
 oCTCPConnectionSpecialization of Connection for TCP/IP
 oCtiny_intClass for holding an SQL TINYINT value
 oCTransactionHelper object for creating exception-safe SQL transactions
 oCNoTransactionCompile-time substitute for Transaction, which purposely does nothing. Use it to instantiate templates that take Transaction when you don't want transactions to be used
 oCmysql_type_infoSQL field type information
 oCUnixDomainSocketConnectionSpecialization of Connection for Unix domain sockets
 oCequal_list_baHolds two lists of items, typically used to construct a SQL "equals clause"
 oCequal_list_bSame as equal_list_ba, plus the option to have some elements of the equals clause suppressed
 oCvalue_list_baHolds a list of items, typically used to construct a SQL "value list"
 oCvalue_list_bSame as value_list_ba, plus the option to have some elements of the list suppressed
 \CWindowsNamedPipeConnectionSpecialization of Connection for Windows named pipes