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The Fossil Common CSS

This is the Inskinerator version of the Fossil common CSS. Our css.scss file here follows the structure of the linked file, but we echo only those rules that set something we want to be able to override via Inskinerator, mainly colors. This means there is quite a bit of difference between these two files, so it’s important to minimize the number of needless changes to make merging in upstream changes practical.

(In an ideal world, Fossil would use SCSS directly, and something like Inskinerator would be part of its build system, so we wouldn’t need this layer. Perhaps that will happen someday.)

See the upstream version tag in our css.scss file’s header comment for the last merge-in point. Because of the importance of this layer, we try to track such changes quickly, to the point that it’s considered a compatibility bug if there’s something important upstream that we