Helpful Links

Here are some good resources about NiMH batteries, charging systems, and more.

The Great Battery Shootout! — A wonderful ongoing test of NiMH cells. Even if you don't buy the cells he recommends, just reading through the test details will be most enlightening.

Nickel-Metal Hydride Application Manual — Energizer's application notes on how to apply NiMH cells. Among the most useful technical info I've found online short of...

Panasonic OEM NiMH Batteries — The PDFs on this page are the best single source of NiMH application information I've yet found. You can buy a sturdy printed and bound version of this same information from Digi-Key, part P001-ND. If you're the kind to print out datasheets and put them in a binder, this is a very useful addition to that binder.

Rechargeable Batteries - Yes or No? — A Slashdot thread on rechargeables. Lots of good info here. There's some misinformation, though, so be careful who you believe.

Dan's Quick Guide to Memory Effect, You Idiots — An interesting rant about memory effect and more. (I mean that in the nicest possible way.)

Battery University — Pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about batteries, in short article form. There are many of these articles, each on a different aspect of batteries, not just charging.

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