Download Design Files

The design files are the EAGLE PCB layout and schematic files, plus the Gerbers I used when making the PIMETA v2 circuit boards. These are the same files as used on the last production run, v2.01.

Some questions you may be asking:

Why are these files being given away?

I stopped offering these boards years ago, so I’ve decided to set the design free.

Can I make derivative works from these files?


While I do not require that you share any changes, I would appreciate it if you did. I want to see what derivatives people are making.

Can I resell the boards I make?

Yes, but please make up a different name other than “PIMETA.” I don’t want people to be confused about the source of the boards.

So where are these files?

Right here. (ZIP, 228 KB)

What’s in the ZIP archive?

pimeta-v2.brd EAGLE board layout
  pimeta-v2.sch EAGLE schematic
  pimeta-v2.plc top silkscreen layer top solder mask layer
  pimeta-v2.cmp top copper layer
  pimeta-v2.ic1 inner copper layer 1
  pimeta-v2.ic2 inner copper layer 2
  pimeta-v2.sol bottom copper layer
  pimeta-v2.sts bottom solder mask layer
  pimeta-v2.pls bottom silkscreen layer
  pimeta-v2.drd Excellon drill data customized EAGLE CAM file for re-generating Gerbers from *.brd file

There is no customized Excellon drill CAM file (*.drl). Use the standard EAGLE one.

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