Download Design Files

The design files are the EAGLE PCB layout and schematic files, plus the Gerbers I used when making the MINT circuit boards. These are the same files as used on the last production run, v1.01d.

Some questions you may be asking:

Why are these files being given away?

I’m no longer interested in pursuing the MINT line of development, so I’ve decided to set the design free.

Can I make derivative works from these files?


While I do not require that you share any changes, I would appreciate it if you did. I want to see what derivatives people are making.

Can I resell the boards I make?

Yes, but please make up a different name other than “MINT.” I don’t want people to be confused about the source of the boards.

So where are these files?

Right here. (ZIP, 84 KB)

What’s in the ZIP archive?

mint.brd EAGLE board layout
  mint.sch EAGLE schematic
  mint.plc top silkscreen layer top solder mask layer
  mint.cmp top copper layer
  mint.sol bottom copper layer
  mint.sts bottom solder mask layer
  mint.drd Excellon drill data
  mint.drl EAGLE drill tool file customized EAGLE CAM file for re-generating Gerbers

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